Depuis sa naissance en 1898, sous le plume du dessinateur O’Galop. Bibendum est bien plus qu’un simple emblème publicitaire. Ce personnage vivant incarne le Groupe Michelin, ses valeurs, ses engagements et ses missions. Porte-parole d’une meilleure mobilité, il accompagne les usagers de la route dans leurs déplacements.
Adeline CHALLON-KEMOUN, Directrice Marques, Développement Durable, Communication et Affaires Publiques du groupe Michelin.

Advertising Week awarded the Millennium Icon Award to the world famous Michelin Man yesterday, Monday, 1 October, during ceremonies at Times Square in New York.

This prestigious award is the pride of the 110,000 Michelin Group employees around the world, and is the perfect birthday present, as Bibendum celebrates his 120th birthday this year.

Since his birth in 1898, designed by O'Galop, Bibendum is more than just an advertising emblem. He is a living character who embodies the Michelin Group, its values, commitments and missions. As the Group’s spokesperson for better mobility, he passes messages and advises all road users and accompanies them in every journey.

Adeline CHALLON-KEMOUN, EVP Brands, Sustainable Development, Communication and Public Affairs of the Michelin Group

One of the world’s oldest trademarks and with his global reach and emotional influence, Bibendum has played a significant role in propelling Michelin to 11th place in the worldwide ranking of Reputation Institute.

For 120 years, Bibendum has contributed to the success of Michelin, the world leader in tires and guides, and helped create a bond this lovable character, the brand and its customers.

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