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Michelin, the global benchmark for tires

As world leader in tires, tracks and conveyor belts, Michelin accompanies all forms of mobility.  With its technological leadership, the Group focuses on innovation and its expertise to continue to make a difference. 

Michelin will continue to grow, invest, and innovate in tires, our core activity. We intend to remain the benchmark by capitalizing on the differentiation of our products and services. 

Yves Chapot General Manager of the Michelin Group

130 years of innovation, serving a complex product: the tire

Beneath its apparent simplicity, the tire hides a complex nature: the combination of over 200 different components and materials, which Michelin has mastered perfectly.

In fact, Michelin relies on over 130 years of expertise and know-how in tires, to meet a wide variety of conditions of use and to contribute to the development of sustainable mobility. 

Tires that meet every mobility need

Whether for private or professional customers, Michelin’s expertise in tires is recognized worldwide in many markets.  

On the car market of course, for which Michelin offers an entire range of products such as four-season tires or tires for electric cars. But also on the road transport, bike and motorcycle markets, and specialty markets such as civil engineering, agriculture, or aviation, which have high requirements in terms of efficacy, availability, safety, and sustainability.

Michelin accompanies its customers on all these markets, to meet all their mobility requirements. 

Michelin, facing the greatest challenge ever: an all-sustainable tire

Convinced that technological progress is one of the answers to environmental challenges, the Group has set the ambitious goal of integrating 100% renewable and recycled materials in its tires by 2050, and 40% as of 2030.

To Michelin, a tire presented as being “sustainable” can only really be so by considering all its environmental impacts. This means acting at every stage of its life cycle, from the supply of raw materials, through design, production, transport, and usage, right up to the recycling phase. 

Towards the infinitely renewable tire: Michelin’s Vision concept

Driven by its capacity for innovation and its expertise, Michelin’s commitment to sustainable mobility is embodied in the VISION concept.

Crammed with innovations in terms of structure, high-tech materials, and related services – airless, connected, rechargeable and all sustainable – the VISION concept is already protected by 19 patents. 

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