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Michelin accompanies your explorations

The international leader in recommending remarkable restaurants, hotels with character and exceptional wines, Michelin also offers lifestyle products and innovative digital services accompanying the mobility of millions of travellers and gourmet diners around the world, in order to have them enjoy new and unforgettable travel experiences.

Michelin Lifestyle: activities beyond the tire

Michelin Lifestyle is made up of several businesses whose purpose is to foster discoveries and enable consumers to enjoy unique experiences, wherever they are: 

  • The MICHELIN Guide and Robert Parker Wine Advocate offer a selection of the best restaurants, hotels and wines in the world.

  • Michelin also accompanies the travel of people and property in Europe with its ViaMichelin activity, which offers digital services to help mobility. The tourist guides and maps are also available in printed format.

  • In particular, the Group and its partners develop lifestyle products capable of sustainably improving mobility experiences and boosting the Brand’s attractiveness. Michelin is now one of the one hundred largest international licensors.

Restaurants and hotels: from recommendation to booking unique experiences

Created in 1900 by brothers André and Édouard Michelin, the MICHELIN Guide established itself as an essential reference for gastronomy and the hotel trade. It lists the best restaurants and hotels across the globe, thus recommending exceptional dining experiences and one-of-a-kind establishments to travellers and gourmets.

Performed by expert and enthusiastic independent inspectors, this selection is continuously updated, edition after edition, while the MICHELIN Guide collection is ceaselessly growing across the world. It now covers more than 40 destinations

Michelin's expertise is extended to offer a global experience to travelers through a new distinction: the Michelin Key. It highlights establishments offering exceptional hotel and travel experiences.

In addition to selecting exceptional restaurants and hotels, the MICHELIN Guide has developed its own digital platform to make its recommendations accessible. The MICHELIN Guide website and application enable you to book a table or accommodation in just a few clicks. To date, more than 5,000 accommodations in 120 countries can be booked.

The Fooding guide & Robert Parker Wine Advocate

The Group also supports the Fooding Guide, which hunts out new restaurants and bars, with a preference for an off-beat approach to gastronomy that complements the MICHELIN Guide

Wine buffs haven’t been neglected either with the Robert Parker Wine Advocate. First published in 1978 and acquired by Michelin in 2019, this guide written by professional critics spotlights the world’s best wines, along with outstanding craftspeople and wineyards. 


Sustainable practices recognized by Michelin

In keeping with its "All-sustainable" approach, Michelin factors in the environmental commitment of the establishments it reviews. Restaurants and vineyards that have adopted inspirational sustainable practices are awarded a MICHELIN Green Star, in the former case, or the Robert Parker Green Emblem, for the latter. 

A mobility service pack

From road maps to mobile apps and from driving directions to travel guides, Michelin’s range of mobility services brings everyone a better way forward.

The ViaMichelin website and app, after over 20 years in existence, continue to be an integral part of Michelin’s DNA, meeting the new ways od traveling. As a route planning and mapping tool, ViaMichelin offers a complete travel experience to bring car travel back to life and make every journey a unique experience.

For vacations, getaways or daily commutes, ViaMichelin offers millions of people in Europe the possibility of planning their itineraries with numerous options: fuel prices, type of vehicle... ViaMichelin also enables to search for and book various points of interest, as well as restaurants, hotels and tourist sites from MICHELIN guide selections.

New Via Michelin application

Licensed products to enhance mobility experiences

The licensing business, which encompasses everything from automobile and bicycle accessories to collectibles, sporting and leisure equipment, enhances the Michelin brand’s attractiveness through new product categories unrelated to tires, but which benefit from the Group’s know-how and innovation. Michelin is also one of the world’s top 100 international licensors, with a broad range of licensed products. 
The Soles by Michelinprogram is a fine example of this. It boasts a number of partnerships with global manufacturers of technical footwear keen to give their products a distinctive edge by drawing on Michelin technology, applied, in this case, to the soles. This burgeoning program is creating value for the Group by showcasing the Brand to new consumers and distributors.  

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