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Respect for people, a fundamental Michelin value

Convinced that people are sources of energy and progress, the Michelin Group has been built around a profoundly humanist project, for and by People. Michelin is reaffirming this belief, having put the development and fulfilment of people at the heart of its sustainable growth ambitions.

Michelin and respect for human rights

The United Nations have defined thirty Rights, including the right to life and safety, health, privacy, freedom of expression, access to decent work and many others.
As a socially responsible company, Michelin strives firstly to comply with the highest international standards in terms of human rights when conducting its activities and in its value chain, and secondly to generate a positive impact wherever it operates.

Alongside the UN and major international institutions, Michelin also contributes to the advent of a fairer and more inclusive world. Consequently, the Group has been a signatory of the United National Global Compact since 2010. In 2023, Florent Menegaux was elected the President of the Global Compact Network France for three years. The Global Compact Network France is the national branch of the United Nations Global Compact, whose role is to structure concrete actions around ten universal principles relating to human rights, international standards and achieving the UN's 17 sustainable development goals. A host of challenges that have always been consistent with Michelin’s commitments.

A fair wage: a fundamental human right

In line with its values, the Group’s ambition is to enable every employee to offer their family decent living conditions, fighting against poverty and inequality. This living wage guarantee is an essential component of the Company’s employee remuneration policy. In February 2024, Fair Wage Network, a world-renowned NGO specializing in "living wage" issues, awarded the Group certification as a "Global Living Wage Employer", in recognition of the Group's fair wage policy and practices.


Michelin places Human Rights at the heart of its activities throughout the world, whether for employees, local communities, customers or the general public. Protecting human rights is in our DNA.

Florent Menegaux, President of the Michelin Group

People, at the heart of the Group’s decisions

Convinced that the Company’s sustainable growth is tied to its social performance, in 2021 the Group reiterated its willingness to integrate human issues fully into the heart of its decisions, in the same way as economic and environmental issues. This ambition is in line with Michelin's values which have always encouraged dialogue, listening and mutual respect to act responsibly and ethically towards all its stakeholders, especially its employees.

Michelin deploys an active global policy of heath, safety and quality of life at work, and wants to move forward in the area of employee engagement and become a benchmark for the inclusion of diversity.

Since 2005, the Group has been striving to nurture an inclusive culture in which diversity is respected and valued. It strongly affirms the principle of equal opportunity and treatment for all its employees at every stage of their career, as well as its commitment against all forms of discrimination. Michelin promotes gender balance and equity in an industrial sector in which women are still underrepresented. The number of women has been constantly rising in the Group over the past ten years. They now represent almost 20% of the Group’s workforce, versus 15% in 2013, and almost 30% of management.

More than ever, facing a rapidly changing labor market, talent management is key to preparing for tomorrow's challenges. Michelin has therefore set up a forward-looking, dynamic talent management approach. Because training is an individual right and contributes to giving new impetus to one's career path, every employee can develop their skills.

For its customers, Michelin wants to be the best in the industry, in terms of value created, by guaranteeing a unique experience that reflects the quality of its products and services. 


2023 results of the gender equality

Each year, the Group measures the Gender Equality Index, an indicator created in 2019 by the French Government, to advance pay and professional equality between women and men within companies.This index enables companies to measure any gaps in pay, promotion or increase rate between women and men. In 2023, Michelin (MFPM) and SIMOREP (CSM) scored 99% and 89% respectively; this index is not being calculated for Pneus Laurent (PLA) and IMECA.

Rixain French Law

In 2023, for MFPM (Manufacture Française des Pneumatiques Michelin), the gap in male/female representation among executive employees and members of the governing body is as follows: 
  • 31 senior executives, including 5 women and 26 men, i.e., 16.1% female. 

  • 11 members within the Group Executive Committee, including 4 women and 7 men, i.e. 36.4% female. 

People ambitions by 2030

> 85 %

Employee engagement rate by 2030

> 80 %

Multi-nationality management by 2030

35 %

Female managers in 2030

A strong societal involvement

Michelin has a long tradition of corporate citizenship, through philanthropy actions and involvement in local life. Wherever it operates, the Group is involved in local development and enhancement, forging close ties with the communities with which it interacts.

And because no single organization can meet today’s common challenges alone, Michelin is convinced of the societal and unifying role that public and private stakeholders must play.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, Michelin has chosen to accompany its industrial growth with an ambitious social policy, manifested in the construction of schools, housing, and a swimming pool, as well as social projects such as creating the Association Sportive Michelin [the Michelin Sports Association] to promote sports, and many other initiatives.

Created in 2014, Michelin Corporate Foundation continues the Group’s societal engagement, by supporting projects that are of benefit to populations in over thirty-five countries in which it is established.

It plays a role in upholding the founding values of solidarity and respect as well as the Group's purpose. To do this, it supports innovative projects in the life of “Community”, in line with the Group’s activities and close to its employees and its sites.

The global leader in sustainable mobility, Michelin has been able to establish real dialogue with the world’s major public stakeholders and emphasize the presence of the private sector in major initiatives. The Group relies on the Movin’On ecosystem to take part in international public debates and move from ambition to action.

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