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MICHELIN XTRA DEFEND E4** L4** tires - A new range intended for loaders and articulated dump trucks

  • A new tire designed for two types of vehicles in order to provide solidity and versatility.

  • A high load capacity for greater productivity.

  • A new range covering a wide spectrum of vehicle models thanks to its 6 sizes.

New generation loaders have evolved, with a significant increase in load capacity, speed, and transmission torque. In order to adapt to the more powerful and sturdy vehicles that operate in quarries, Michelin is offering a tire suited to these changes: the MICHELIN XTRA DEFEND E4** L4**.

Thanks to a new casing, this new range has a load capacity up to 25,400 kg per tire, and a speed ranging up to 14 kph for loaders, allowing high productivity.

The MICHELIN XTRA DEFEND E4** L4** tire has been developed to adapt to intensive cycles on both hard and muddy ground. It also offers great mobility under difficult conditions, on aggressive surfaces during loading and transport cycles.

This new range thus combines:

  • 2 Solidity: with up to 50% additional metal mass* and a reinforced crown with 5 rubber plies, this tire has been developed for high aggression resistance.

  • 3 Versatility: the casing and the reinforced crown for use both on loaders and on articulated dump trucks.

With six sizes available, the MICHELIN XTRA DEFEND E4** L4** range allows for boosting MICHELIN’s construction tire offer from 25” to 29” and from series 80 to series 65. This new portfolio offers clients and users both safety and productivity.

MICHELIN XTRA DEFEND E4** L4** is also retreadable.

MICHELIN XTRA DEFEND E4** L4** tire product sheet

Photos and content available here:

* Internal comparison between the MICHELIN XLD D1 L4 and the MICHELIN XTRA DEFEND E4** L4**, same dimension 29.5 R 25, measurement certified by the MICHELIN Center of Technology, Ladoux, France between 2020 and 2023

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