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Polymer Composite Solutions

Michelin, a leader beyond mobility

In line with its Michelin in Motion strategy, the Group is accelerating the development of its activities beyond mobility, by leveraging its expertise in high-tech materials on new markets with high technological potential.  

Our ambition is to accelerate the Group's development in Polymer Composite Solutions on markets with strong growth and differentiation potential for the Brand, but also to make the Group more resilient in the long term by reducing its dependence on cyclical activities and increasing its exposure to more varied and more sustainable markets. 

Maude Portigliatti Executive Vice-President Polymer Composite Solutions at Michelin - Member of the Group’s Executive Committee

Drawing on some of the expertise developed in high-tech materials

For 130 years, Michelin’s growth has been driven by its materials expertise. As its strategic plan affirms, Michelin aims to leverage its know-how far beyond mobility to serve markets with high technological potential, including general industry, the aerospace industry, energy, and health care.

Michelin has a unique ability to combine chemistry, materials processing, composites design, and an understanding of how its products are used, from fundamental research to the industrial phase. Drawing on that distinctive know-how, the Group has identified 3 major families of products/components that can serve high added-value growth markets: composite solutions, engineered polymers (technical composite materials), and innovative solutions such as hydrogen mobility, metal 3D printing, and wind propulsion for cargo shipping.

Composite solutions

Michelin's experience in tires has endowed it with unrivaled expertise in flexible composites. There are many highly complex composites for demanding applications, including coated textiles, films, conveyors, belts, seals, and inflatable structures.

Michelin's goal is to become a leading player in these fields.

Engineered polymers

Engineered polymers, which are formulated on a sub-micrometer scale and are developed to meet critical needs, are technical composite materials that have become an area of cutting-edge expertise for the Group, which aims to introduce breakthrough innovations in non-toxic adhesives, composite reinforcements and biomaterials.

Innovation to serve emerging markets

Michelin is teaming up with strategic partners to design and develop ultra-high-tech applications for emerging markets like hydrogen mobility, metal 3D printing, and wind propulsion for cargo shipping.

The Group's Polymer Composite Solutions Division is supporting its ambitions through both organic and external growth and aligning itself firmly with Michelin's “All-sustainable” approach, which is based on the right balance between human, environmental, and economic challenges:

  • New, high value-added activities that create jobs and skills (PEOPLE)

  • New markets that generate growth (PROFIT)

  • Businesses that foster the emergence of renewable and recycled or non-toxic solutions and materials (PLANET)

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