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Michelin’s technological leadership is built on solid know-how

Rare, not imitable, valuable…This is how Michelin defines its distinctive know-how in material and product design as well as in process engineering and data.

Our distinctive know-how and our unique ability to combine them is a powerful strategic resource which allows the Group to continue bolstering its leadership in tires but also to move into new areas of profitable growth beyond mobility.

Eric-Philippe Vinesse Executive Vice-President of Research & Development for the Michelin Group - Member of the Group’s Executive Committee

The ability to combine very different areas of expertise

Michelin stands out for its ability to innovate by combiing very different areas of expertise while taking advantage of its cutting-edge simulation and measurement techniques.

With over 200 different components used in tires, Michelin's expertise and in-depth knowledge of material properties can be applied to a wide range of composites and high-tech polymer-based materials.

Process engineering skills allow new components and materials with specific characteristics to be integrated and assembled using innovative techniques.

Moreover, the Group’s technical knowledge of tire and vehicle physics combined with unique knowledge of usage and algorithm design skills enable Michelin to gain valuable insights from the infinite wealth of data collected.

Technical capabilities

Designing and industrializing innovative materials

Reinforcements, cords or cables, all types of polymers.... Michelin has developed specific knowhow in the design, development and production of innovative materials which is cannot be found elsewhere on the market.

Materials are structural elements, for example textile or metal reinforcements or polymers, which play a decisive role in the final performance of the finished products. 

Designing and industrializing flexible composites

The design of flexible composite products is part of the distinctive know-how that the Michelin Group can draw on to not only continue to grow in the tire business, but also expand into other areas.

Michelin aims to design products with a lower environmental footprint without compromising on performance and with no risk of impact transfer. To achieve this, the Group analyzes each stage in the life cycle of its products starting with the design phase.

Designing and industrializing specific processes

Michelin’s ability to design and industrialize specific processes is one of the keys to its success and represents a distinctive competitive advantage. Michelin intends to harness its historic expertise to consolidate its technological leadership and reach its ambitious sustainable growth goals.

Michelin’s history features numerous disruptive innovations which would have remained on the drawing board without the company’s powerful industrial resources. Very early on in its history, Michelin developed process engineering skills to keep pace with its innovations.

From insights to connected solutions

Michelin masters the entire data chain from the capture of raw data to the extraction of insights right through to the actual proposal of solutions or actions.

Thanks to its mastery of algorithms and data, the Group creates value for its customers; a know-how at the heart of its  "All-sustainable" approach, thanks to which Michelin has become a key player in connected mobility.

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