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From insights to connected solutions

Michelin masters the entire data chain from the capture of raw data to the extraction of insights right through to the actual proposal of solutions or actions. Michelin’s knowhow is a distinctive competency which has made it a key player in connected mobility.

Our know-how lies in our ability to generate descriptive data about the usage conditions of our customers and interpret it and then orchestrate orchestrate solutions that benefit their business or their mobility experience.

Thomas Ledoux CTO Services and Solutions at Michelin

Unique mastery of the entire data chain

Michelin’s unique capacity to extract value from data is due to a holistic approach combining several areas of expertise from data collection through to data-driven recommendations or solutions for its customers.

Michelin’s expertise in tire physics and vehicle dynamics is based on experience dating back over a hundred years, combined with an unparalleled culture of customer service, it has helped the Group acquire perfect understanding of usages and behaviors allowing an accurate and pertinent interpretation of the data collected. This is accompanied by extensive expertise in complex algorithm creation guaranteeing detailed analysis of data to better serve its customers. To ensure the quality of the data used by these algorithms, Michelin has gone as far as to design specific sensors further widening the scope of application and the insights obtained.

As Data Strategist, Papa Malick contributes to the Group's ambition to become a Data Driven Company, where data analysis is at the heart of decision-making.
Savannah city map highlighting different types of areas through data collection.
Thanks to its mastery of algorithms, Michelin is able to make the infinite wealth of data intelligible to make roads and infrastructures ever safer and cleaner.

To capture ever increasing amounts of data and speed up its progress in data science started over twenty years ago, Michelin has acquired specialist telematics companies, starting with Sascar in 2014, followed by Nextraq and lastly Masternaut in 2020. These three companies, grouped under an umbrella brand - Michelin Connected Fleet - part of our “Tires as a Service” activity - have contracts with over a million trucks and light commercial vehicles. The on-board telematics boxes used by Michelin Connected Fleet are an excellent source of data which generates value to solve problems and meet the business requirements of fleet managers.

The Group is also continuing its external growth in the area of data intelligence, recently buying out RoadBotics, a US start-up specializing in road infrastructure image analysis. This allowed Michelin to add to its offer of tools to aid decision-making for road infrastructure operators with a view to enhancing mobility.

Knowhow capable of generating value, underpinning Michelin’s “All-sustainable” approach

The Group has set itself some ambitious goals - making mobility smarter, safer and greener, boosting the economic and operational performance of its customers and reducing their environmental impact - which can be achieved thanks to its knowhow in exploiting the value of data.

Today, this knowhow is embedded in a complete offering of connected solutions specially designed for fleets, the development of innovative tire inspection technology, high-tech tires for safer, more efficient and sustainable mobility and the generation of insights contributing to safer road infrastructure. The fields of application are still numerous and offer a vast field of exploration and innovation for Michelin, which has already become a key player in connected mobility.

  • MICHELIN Connected Fleet

    Connected solutions are designed to help operators and fleet managers transform vehicle data into high value-added information.

  • MICHELIN Mobility Intelligence

    Thanks to its mastery of algorithms, Michelin is able to make the infinite wealth of data intelligible, continually enriched by its unique knowledge of usage and the regular input of cutting-edge technologies.

  • QuickScan

    Michelin brings its expertise in tire data analysis to reduce inspection time and costs.

  • Michelin has developed specific knowhow in the design, development and production of innovative materials.

  • The design of flexible composite products is part of the distinctive know-how that the Michelin Group can draw on to not only continue to grow in the tire business, but also expand into other areas.

  • Michelin’s ability to design and industrialize specific processes is one of the keys to its success and represents a distinctive competitive advantage.

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