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Michelin's convictions

Since its founding, Michelin has been promoting a fundamental right, source of human progress:  freedom of movement. Aware of the environmental impact of its operations, the Group relies on its values and strong convictions to play a leading role in sustainable development. 

Our convictions are deeply rooted in Michelin’s culture. The social and environmental challenges currently facing the world reveal the full relevance of these core beliefs.

FLORENT MENEGAUX Chief Executive Officer of the Michelin Group.

Playing a role to shape the world’s future through balanced growth in its operations 

This balance combines economic performance, people development, and environmental stewardship.  
Michelin believes that a growth strategy can only be possible by accounting for the limits of our planet and exercising true social and societal responsibility.   
The Group also considers that no transformation is possible without the creation of value.  

Fostering technological progress to tackle environmental challenges 

Michelin considers technological progress critical for a society that is committed to greater sobriety on the environment. 
Indeed, technology enables on-going extension of the principles of the circular economy, carbon emissions reduction, conservation of resources and biodiversity. This conviction, which is deeply rooted in Michelin’s culture, reflects its know-how in the optimal use of materials and the development of products that are “made to last”.
This conviction is illustrated through the challenge Michelin has set for the wide-scale design of all sustainable tires by 2050. 

Exercising its social role to respond to today’s challenges

No one single player can address the collective challenges facing the world. 
Because companies are well-attuned to the aspirations of their citizens-customers, and because they have the capacity to act while bringing together a wide range of public and private stakeholders, companies are an integral part of the solutions and answers to today’s problems. Michelin wants to play its role in this regard and show the way. 
Michelin has a long tradition of social engagement, through its sponsorship actions and its involvement in local life.  It also has a presence within many international organizations and bodies.  

Believe firmly in people’s ability to build a sustainable future.

Michelin’s culture is anchored in a deep and abiding faith in people and their ability to build a positive future for themselves and the world around them. To that end, Michelin seeks to engage in transformation rather than give up on today’s world, convinced of the Group’s ability to foster universal achievements, namely, to counter global warming, create products that can be endlessly recycled, guarantee equal opportunities, and enhance human health worldwide.

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