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Connected Solutions

Michelin, a key player in connected mobility

The mobility sectors and the industry are experiencing an unprecedented transformation. With a unique knowledge of usages, coupled with its expertise in data management and analysis, Michelin is an essential player in connected mobility. 

By using its expertise to enhance the safety for everyone and help its customers reduce their environmental impacts, Michelin’s connected solutions are part of the Group’s strategy for achieving ever safer and decarbonized mobility. 

Lorraine Frega Executive Vice President, Distribution, Services & Solutions - Member of the Group’s Executive Committee

A pioneer in mobility services and solutions…

Enameled road signs on entering towns to encourage motorists to slow down, the addresses of electric vehicle charging stations in the 1901 edition of the Red Guide, information about road conditions available from its Itineraries Office from as early as 1908... Very early in its history, Michelin banked on innovation to link its manufacturing business to related services that facilitated mobility. This forward-looking service culture was very quickly adopted by fleet managers too: as early as 1922, Michelin launched its first “Tire Care and Services” contracts. Specialized sales reps visited their customers to check that the tires were being used correctly and were in good condition... but also to carry out preventive inspections aimed at anticipating breakdowns, averting problems and assisting with decision making.  

…to being a key player in connected mobility

Michelin’s longstanding know-how has been expanded and developed into a new field of expertise: leveraging the data obtained from connected objects. It is this unique combination of knowledge and digital skills that Michelin has managed to translate into measurement and foresight tools, using a set of technologies that underpin Michelin’s connected solutions.  

These tools not only make the tire increasingly intelligent, they are also an unlimited source of progress when used in tandem with a vast pool of mobility data.  


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Connected solutions derived from Michelin’s “All-sustainable” approach

As a key player in terms of connected solutions, Michelin’s goal is to provide a response to its customer’s operational, human, and environmental challenges. 

  • By boosting personal safety 
    Michelin helps its customers strive for zero accidents by analyzing and advising on driving behavior and using maintenance-scheduling, tracking and alert tools, etc.    


  • By maximizing the economic and operational performances and developing new opportunities  
    Michelin helps its customers increase their productivity and profitability by monitoring their productivity, vehicle up-time, journey optimization, mileage tracking, fuel consumption, etc.


  • By reducing the environmental impact  
    Michelin helps its customers dramatically lower their emissions by reducing CO
    2 emissions, guiding them through the switch to electric or hydrogen-powered mobility, optimizing tire use (e.g. by retreading) and traceability offers of direct and indirect emissions (scopes 1,2,3), etc.  

Connected solutions for commercial fleets

Michelin offers access to its extensive expertise in both services and connected solutions to increase fleets’ safety, maximize their economic and operational performances, and reduce the environmental impact.

This approach is encapsulated in two main areas: MICHELIN Connected Fleet and MICHELIN Connected Mobility.

At the heart of the Group’s strategic plan, the connected fleet solutions aim for an annual growth rate of 15% by 2030. 

Michelin Mobility Intelligence

The Group is leveraging its third area - MICHELIN Mobility Intelligence - to help local authorities and private-sector stakeholders more effectively anticipate and support the development of road transport.

With over 1.6 billion kilometers captured every day, Michelin has a substantial source of mobility data at its disposal. Its consummate expertise in algorithms, together with its unique knowledge of tire usage and the regular input of state-of-the-art technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, enable it to make sense of the infinite wealth of data collected.

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