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MICHELIN, a powerful brand

Over one hundred years old, the MICHELIN brand now enjoys an indisputable power and reputation on an international scale. It is one of the Group’s most precious assets, as a lever for the success of its ambitious “MICHELIN in Motion” strategic plan. 

The MICHELIN brand embodies the Group’s strengths for our customers and our partners across the globe. It carries our values and our commitments. 

Adeline Challon-Kemoun Executive Vice President Engagement and Brands - Member of the Group’s Executive Committee.

The foundations of the MICHELIN Brand’s reputation

Over 130 years of history, a strong culture of innovation and quality, a symbol of the highest level of safety and performance: a host of elements that characterize Michelin and give it its value and favor today. The Group can also count on its famous Michelin Man. Named the icon of the millennium by New York’s Advertising Week in 2018 and best logo in the world by the Financial Times in 2020, Bibendum (or the “Michelin Man”) is much more than just an advertising emblem, also contributing to creating trust capital and proximity between the Brand and its customers.  

Bibendum au tour de France

MRDs $: the value of the Michelin Brand in 2023*

*source: Brand Finance Top 500

A motion brand that carries the Group’s strategy

Michelin believes that motion is intrinsic to life and human development because it is a source of technological, economic, social, and cultural progress. With its new strategic plan, "Michelin in Motion, the Group has clearly displayed its desire to expand the Brand’s playing field, moving from the tire and “mobility” category to the wider one that is “motion”. 

The MICHELIN Brand undertakes to innovate for a better life in motion and confirms its sustainable development goals. 

Michelin is continuing to impress its brand across the world through its new global campaign, “Motion For Life”, which also celebrates movement.  

“Motion for life”, Michelin’s global campaign

A record just like its reputation

The excellent reputation enjoyed by the MICHELIN Brand reflects in particular the quality of the Group’s products and services, its technological leadership, and even the attractiveness of its employer brand and its commitment to sustainable development.
For example: the MICHELIN Brand has the best Brand Power Score1  for tire brands, especially in China, Spain, France, and Thailand... Recognized as one of the 100 most innovative companies in the world (Clarivate Top 100 Global Innovators 2023), Michelin also rose in the 2023 Forbes list of World’s Best Employers, which rates employers offering the best working conditions.
Its CSR commitment is also scored by non-financial ratings agencies on an international scale.  

1 Brand Power Score: brand market share prediction based on consumer perceptions. 2023 KANTAR study.
Prix tire technology

The Group’s brands strategy

In addition to MICHELIN, its main brand with a strong trust capital and loyalty base, the Group currently numbers over 120 other brands. A strategy that not only allows it to boost its market share in the tire sector, especially through integrated and franchised distribution networks, but also to take a position on new markets with high potential, by adding value to its expertise beyond mobility. 
  • Boosting its market shares via a diversified offer in the tire and track fields. 

    In addition to the MICHELIN brand the Group boasts several tire brands that allow for meeting the various needs expressed by consumers. 
    The Group became the global leader for off-road mobility solutions by adding rubber track solutions to its tire offer. 


  • Developing market access via integrated and franchised distribution networks 

    With brands such as Euromaster, Europe’s #1 with 2,500 service centers in 17 countries, TCI in North America and TyrePlus on the other continents, Michelin holds a vast integrated and franchised distribution network. And to boost its presence in e-commerce, which has now become essential, Michelin has enriched its network of Pure Players, such as Allopneus in France or in the United Kingdom, the number 1 for online tire sales in their respective countries. 

  • Supporting its growth ambitions beyond mobility

    In order to conquer new areas for growth and have a positive impact on the environment and society, Michelin is implementing in particular an active acquisition strategy that allows it to enhance its expertise, especially in the fields of High-tech materials and data. This is how, for example, the Flex Composite Group’s brands, specialized in high-tech fabrics and films have been added to the Michelin Group’s portfolio of brands.

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