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The MICHELIN City Street... the new Michelin tyre for electric street bicycles

MICHELIN even more electric!

  • Resistance to perforation of the crown and lateral punctures up 98 and 73 percent respectively, for a tyre that is 31 percent lighter1!

  • 10 percent shorter braking distance and 22 percent extra grip on damp roads1.

  • A new design that favours ride efficiency and cornering grip.

With eco-responsible mobility becoming an increasingly critical public concern, Michelin has launched a new tyre that has been conceived specifically to meet the demands of street cyclists. The MICHELIN City Street alleviates the everyday anxiety they can feel thanks to its superior protection against punctures and outstanding long life, whatever the type of road surface or conditions.


The MICHELIN City Street: more resilient yet lighter, thanks to City Shield

Any street cyclist will tell you that picking up a puncture is one of their biggest concerns when they are travelling on their bike, which is why the new MICHELIN City Street incorporates new City Shield technology.

The tyre's carcass is reinforced by two high-density layers, the first of which protects the tread, while the second covers the casing's entire width to guard against lateral tears and pinching, a phenomenon associated with running with low tyre pressures. In comparison with the MICHELIN Protek Max, the MICHELIN City Street's protection against perforation of the crown and sidewall punctures has been increased by 98 and 73 percent respectively, yet the tyre itself is 31 percent lighter1.


Magi-X technology for enhanced cornering grip and safety on wet roads

When designing the new MICHELIN City Street, Michelin's engineers set out to address the chief demands expressed by riders of electric bikes in built-up areas.

Thanks to Michelin's exclusive Magi-X technology, the MICHELIN City Street combines remarkable dynamics with greater safety on wet roads thanks to an innovative rubber compound that provides superior grip under braking and when accelerating, which can be particularly lively in the case of modern ebikes. The MICHELIN City Street is also more stable when leaning, notably in the wet.

Compared with the MICHELIN Protek Max, the MICHELIN City Street's braking performance marks an improvement of 10 percent, with cornering in damp conditions1 improved by as much as 22 percent1.


Unique, stylish look and greater efficiency

The MICHELIN City Street's unique design delivers enhanced dynamic performance1. The crown's central, slick portion ensures longer life, while the pattern of the outer edges features specific, v-shaped grooves for additional cornering grip, especially on damp roads. These benefits help the MICHELIN City Street to take safety, riding enjoyment and ride-efficiency in built-up areas to new levels1.


The MICHELIN City Street: versatile and long-lasting

Initially available in a choice of three diameters (26”/559mm, 27.5”/584mm and 29”/622mm) and five widths (37mm/35C, 40mm/1.60”, 50mm/2.00”, 55mm/2.20” and 60mm/2.40”), the new MICHELIN City Street covers the majority of the market's electric and non-electric street bikes, and even eMTBs used for commuting.

With the new MICHELIN City Street, cyclists get to enjoy their bicycle to the full, while also benefiting from enhanced safety and longer tyre life. The MICHELIN City Street effectively delivers a 150-percent distance-potential gain compared with the MICHELIN Protek Max2.


1 Tests carried out on April 25, 2023, at Wheel Energy's independent laboratory comparing the MICHELIN City Street (50-622) and MICHELIN Protek Max (47-622).

2 In-house evaluation carried out from December 2022 to March 2023, comparing the MICHELIN City Street (50-622) and MICHELIN Protek MAX (47-622).


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