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Where did it all begin ?

Was it our sense of wonder or curiosity that made us want to understand the mystery of things ? Dive into the heart of matter and movement to understand what sets Michelin apart as a company.

Matter, an endless resource...

Equally curious about and excited by materials and their secrets, Michelin has always set itself amazing challenges, constantly pushing back the limits of knowledge to make the seemingly impossible achievable. Over its extraordinarily rich and singular history, Michelin has developed a unique culture, tinged with humility in the face of the mysteries of science, but also with boundless ambitions and dreams. A firm believer in Humanity’s ability to build a positive future, Michelin is among those who innovate and act to make decisive contributions to human progress and to a more sustainable world. To make matter an endless resource and to make it smart in order to expand the realm of possibilities... Michelin is pursuing its fabulous adventure in the secret universe of materials.

Matter, source of innovation for Michelin

Michelin, a matter of substance

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