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Life-changing composites and experiences

Thanks to its materials science and unrivalled expertise in polymer composites over more than 130 years, Michelin is currently continuing its targeted growth in tires and is investing in new territories beyond mobility. As a global benchmark in the fields of gastronomy and travel, Michelin also invites you to enjoy exceptional experiences throughout the world.  

Continue to grow in tires

Buoyed by its technological leadership in tire-related activities, Michelin accompanies every form of mobility. Targeting high added-value segments, the Group is focusing on innovation and excellence in order to continue making a difference in a changing market, especially by assisting in speeding up the electrical vehicle market.

Designing tires that perform from the first to the last mile is in Michelin’s DNA. Beyond the safety aspect, the “performances made to last” are the guarantee of less waste generated, less materials used, and less energy consumed. This approach truly makes Michelin stand out as it places “All Sustainable” at the heart of its growth strategy. Because Michelin is always looking further forward, the company has set itself a major new challenge in the face of environmental challenges: make the tire “all sustainable”, by acting at every stage in its life cycle.

Continue to develop connected solutions

The mobility sectors and the industry are experiencing an unprecedented transformation. Armed with a unique knowledge of uses coupled with proficiency in data and its enhancement, Michelin is an essential player in connected mobility.

Through innovative solutions based on its algorithms and Artificial Intelligence, the Group aims to meet its customers’ operational, human and environmental challenges by boosting safety, maximizing economic and operational performances, and reducing environmental impacts.

Michelin acts on the scale of vehicles, fleets and people, as well as on the scale of roads, cities and even states.

Grow in High-tech materials

In line with its "Michelin in Motion" strategy, the Group is speeding up the development of its activities in high-tech materials, in particular by enhancing its proficiency in high-tech materials on new markets with a high technological potential, such as construction, aeronautics, low-carbon energies, and healthcare. Michelin also relies on strategic partnerships to develop breakthrough innovations with a very strong technological content.

In these growth and added-value markets, Michelin wants to be a supplier of solutions for demanding applications, and thus expand in the fields of flexible composite products, Engineered Polymers, and even hydrogen.

Continue to offer outstanding experiences

Michelin aims also at offering exceptional experiences to millions of travellers and gourmet diners throughout the world. Since its creation in 1900, the MICHELIN Guide has enabled the Group to become the international leader in recommending outstanding restaurants and hotels with character.

Today, Michelin also offers lifestyle products and innovative mobility services.

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