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Our purpose and our values engage us

Michelin believes that movement is essential to human development, as a source of progress. Carried by this belief, which is embodied in its purpose, the Groups wants to “Offer everyone a better way forward” by acting according to its values and its basic ethical principles. 

Our purpose: "we care about giving people a better way forward"

Our purpose makes movement a foundation of human progress. In these terms, it summarizes what drives us on a daily basis, unites us, and motivates us to develop products and services that are ever safer, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly. Our aim: reinvent movement, which is at the heart of our lives.  Our purpose also engages us towards our clients, our stakeholders with regard to our employees, in order to meet their expectations and allow them to develop their full potential, while respecting our values. It also feeds our strategic, human, and social model, in line with our 'All-sustainable approach', through a series of objectives that stem directly from this. We have, for example, the ambition to become a benchmark in terms of safety, diversity, and inclusion across all the territories in which we are established. 

Our values infuse our corporate culture

Because the way of reaching our goals is just as important as the results themselves, Michelin is attached to values of respect, shared by all, which are set out in multiple pillars. 
Respect for our clients 
We innovate relentlessly for the success of our customers and set our priorities accordingly.

Respect for people 
We care for every person inside and outside our company and earn their trust through our integrity.

Respect for shareholders 
We strive to earn and keep shareholders’ trust and  act to create sustainable shareholder value.

Respect for the environment 
We are all interdependent and take action for the sustainable development of our partners, the society and the planet.

Respect for facts 
We utilize facts to learn, honestly challenge our beliefs and guide our actions with agility.

Our ethical principles stem from our values

​​​Michelin ensures that its employees act in line with the values and ethical principles that are the foundation of its corporate culture. These ethical principles are described in two ​​essential documents: the Code of Ethics and the Anti-corruption Code of Practice. 

Furthermore, Michelin has a governance body and a specific organization dedicated to ethical challenges and compliance. This is responsible in particular for promoting the ethical culture and compliance within the Group and in its relations with third parties. It defines the Group’s ethics and compliance strategy and its effective and coherent deployment across the entire Group. It is also responsible for validating the Group’s compliance programs (and in particular the anti-corruption compliance program). 

Code of Ethics
The Code of Ethics reiterates the Group's fundamental values ​​and describes the basic rules to be observed in terms of business ethics, respect for human rights, and the risks linked to the environmental footprint from activities, products, and services. This Code applies to all Group employees, its workers, and to all its partners.  

Ethics line
Michelin has also established Whistleblowing system that allows for reporting the existence of behaviors or situations that breach the applicable laws, internal regulations, the values and principles reiterated in the Code of Ethics, and the Anti-corruption Code of Practice.  

Anti-corruption Code of Practice
Michelin will not tolerate corruption in any form. Since 2015, Michelin has had a clear and practical Anti-corruption Code of Practice, intended for all employees, workers, and external partners. Its purpose is to raise the awareness in all Michelin employees of acts that could characterize corruption, by providing examples of this and indicating the behavior to adopt within the framework of their everyday activities.  

Group Whistleblowing Procedure

The Group has created a new document, the Group Whistleblowing Procedure which is available to all employees and all external partners. It provides a transparent, detailed description of how Michelin collects and processes alerts, and of the people involved. This Procedure will be adapted and supplemented by country appendices defining local specificities. The deployment will be carried out gradually according to the requirements of local laws and, where appropriate, after consultation with employee representative bodies.
With the publication of this new document, the Group is reaffirming its commitment to strengthen its ethical standards and to ensure ethical conduct across all of its operations. It is therefore critical that everyone be able to express their views, know the different ways we can make an alert and report potential violations of the Michelin Code of Ethics.

Group Whistleblowing Procedure - other languages

Zero tolerance of harassment

At Michelin, everyone must be able to develop according to their aspirations. This belief is at the heart of the purpose and values of respect held by the Group, which is committed to maintaining a friendly, safe, and secure environment in which all employees can build their career and make the most of their skills without restriction or fear. 
The Group does not tolerate any form of harassment, whether psychological or sexual, towards any person with whom time is spent within the work environment, including when this concerns external stakeholders (candidates, suppliers, clients, partners, retailers, and visitors).  

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