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The Managers and the Michelin Group’s Executive Committee

Michelin is run by two Managers: Florent Menegaux, the Managing Chairman and General Partner, and Yves Chapot, General Manager. They are assisted by an Executive Committee.

The Managers are responsible for administering and running the Company

To this end, they are responsible for: 
  • defining and implementing the Group’s strategy, 

  • managing the Group’s activities,  

  • establishing and implementing the internal control and risk management procedures, 

  • drawing up the company,

  • accounts and the Company’s consolidated accounts,

  • defining the financial information policy, 

  • establishing the various reports intended for the shareholders.

The Group’s Executive Committee 

The Managers are assisted by the Group’s Executive Committee. Comprising nine members in addition to the Managers, it focuses on strategic decisions: the choice of transformations to be made, especially the digital one; the economic model; acquisitions, performance management; brand strategies and sustainable development.  
A Group Management Committee ensures that the decisions taken by the Group’s Executive Committee are fully integrated into the Company. 

Managers' biographies

Executive Committee members' biographies

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