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MICHELIN IN MOTION: MICHELIN’s strategy for 2030

Presented in 2021, “Michelin in Motion” defines Michelin’s sustainable growth strategy for 2030. It commits the Group to continuing its targeted growth in tires and to investing in new territories in connected services and Polymer Composite Solutions. 

“Michelin in Motion,” Michelin’s strategic plan

An ambitious growth dynamic in three major areas

Through its strategic plan for 2030, “Michelin in Motion,”the Group will continue its targeted growth in tires, while also relying on its distinctive capabilities by setting ambitious goals in the fields of connected solutions and Polymer Composite Solutions. These developments should represent between 20% and 30% of Michelin’s turnover in 2030.  
  • Tires: Michelin is targeting premium and specialty tires, in which its technologies make the difference and are valued. The Group is also relying on its technological leadership to accompany the development of electric mobility. As an example, Michelin already counts nearly 400 EV homologations with over 60 brands across the globe! A pioneer and leader in the field of sustainable materials, the Group targets 100% renewable and recycled materials by 2050. Michelin stands out through its global approach, aiming at reducing the overall environmental impact of its tires at every life-cycle stage. 

  • Connected tires: To develop offers suited to the new economic, human, and environmental challenges for fleet managers and other public and private mobility stakeholders, the Group is relying on its historic understanding of uses and its know-how in data processing from connected objects. These offers are grouped together under the “MICHELIN Connected Fleet” brand. Through its Watèa by Michelin brand, the Group is accompanying the electrification of fleets and promoting the energy transition. Using imaging technologies as a base, Michelin is also offering solutions and recommendations that make it easier for road infrastructure managers to take decisions for safer mobility. 

  • Polymer Composite Solutions: Michelin wants to enhance its unique expertise in the physics and chemistry of high-tech materials, by introducing breakthrough innovations on high-potential and demanding fields as varied as mobility, construction, aeronautics, low-carbon energies, and healthcare.

A strategy that forms part of an "All-sustainable" approach

With its strategic plan for 2030 “Michelin in Motion”, Michelin is confirming its belief that any sutainable growth depends on considering the limits of the planet and acting responsibly  towards employees and society. The Group also firmly believes that creation of value is the essential lever for any transformation. It is these beliefs that now form the foundations of Michelin’s strategic plan, the growth ambitions of which come under an “All-sustainable” approach; an approach that seeks the best balance between the development and fulfillment of every employee, economic and financial performance, and the planet. 

12 indicators to measure the performance of "Michelin in Motion"

For 2030, Michelin is plotting a course based on twelve key social, societal, financial, and environmental indicators. By way of example, Michelin is aiming at an employee engagement rate in excess of 85%, and a goal of 35% women within its management teams. By relying on a very advanced technological maturity in the field of high-tech materials, the Group also intends to integrate 40% renewable or recycled materials into all its products by 2030. And, in order to reduce the impact of its main negative externalities, by 2030 Michelin is also counting on reducing its water extraction by 33% compared to 2019 and halving the CO₂ emissions from its industrial sites compared to 2010, and thus achieving net zero emissions by 2050*.

*Over scopes 1 & 2 and over the transport part of scope 3  
  • People
    85 %

    Employee engagement in 2030

    35 %

    Women in executive positions in 2030

  • Profit
    20 % - 30 %

    Sales made beyond the tire in 2030

    ~ 5 %

    Annual growth between 2023 and 2030

  • Planet
    40 %

    Renewable or recycled materials in tires in 2030

    -50 %

    CO2 emissions in 2030 compared to 2010

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