With the gradual lifting of Covid-19 lockdown measures, a growing part of the world’s population will find itself “On the road again”.

Taking action together for safer mobility

In order to raise awareness for a safer mobility, Essilor and Michelin will jointly launch a global campaign, “Together for safe mobility: Check your vision, check your tires”. Both Groups firmly believe in the power of joint initiatives to promote safe mobility.

A worldwide campaign broadly released

The campaign will have a global reach and will be deployed progressively in pilot countries where dedicated recommendations will be made available, encouraging the wider public to take action with eye care and tires’ professionals. The campaign will first be released through digital channels with common visuals pushed through the two Groups’ social media accounts.

Michelin and Essilor at the « Movin’on Digital Meetings »

On June 3rd, Michelin and Essilor participated in the “Movin’On Digital Meetings”, inspired by Michelin. Following Covid 19 crisis, this year, Movin’On is transformed in Digital Meetings ; the occasion for Michelin and Essilor to gather together, alongside with YOURS (Youth for Road Safety), the new community of interests " Safe and accessible mobility for Youth “.

*A community of interests is made up of multi-disciplinary and multi-sector experts, work all year round as "think-and-do tanks" to promote eco-systemic innovation and to develop concrete solutions for truly sustainable mobility.

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