MICHELIN Cross Climate Camping is the latest in the MICHELIN CrossClimate range. Produced in Europe, it will be available as of March 1, 2022.

After the launch of the four-season car tire, the MICHELIN CrossClimate 2, the manufacturer from Clermont-Ferrand wanted to extend its range to an ever-growing market: the motorhome


A four-season tire for motorhomes: safety for travel all year round without worrying about the weather

The MICHELIN CrossClimate Camping tire has been designed to be used in complete safety all year round. This four-season tire, A rated for grip on wet ground according to European labeling, it provides safety and simplicity to motorhome users. MICHELIN CrossClimate Camping allows for traveling all year round without having to change tires. Certified 3PMSF for driving on snowy roads, it guarantees the driver control of the vehicle under most weather conditions.


A resistant tire to cope with the extremely specific stresses of the motorhome

To develop the new MICHELIN CrossClimate Camping tires, the engineers from the R&D center in Ladoux have worked on a problem unique to motorhomes: users who do not drive much, leaving their vehicle parked up for long periods. In fact, when the motorhome remains without moving for a long time, the tires can become deformed under the weight of the vehicle, which may also be distributed unequally on each of the tires. Thanks to the work done to the casing, identified by a CP* mark, the MICHELIN CrossClimate Camping tire has been designed to offset these stresses. Furthermore, its reinforced side walls** allow for better resisting road aggression.


Control on all surfaces

The V-shaped tread, still called MICHELIN V-Shaped Technology, designed especially for this type of all-season tire, and combining wide rubber blocks and large grooves to allow for driving on both dry and wet, and even on snowy ground. This technology allows for maneuverability on multiple types of surfaces: grass, mud, gravel, earth, etc.


8 dimensions available, covering 99% of the market***

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