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Investing in Michelin means taking part in a formidable human, technical and industrial adventure, which has been committed for over 130 years to advancing mobility and, more broadly, contributing to human well-being.

Last Updated: 07/12/24

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For more than a century, Michelin has been innovating to meet the expectations of its customers and stakeholders by enabling everyone at the Group to develop their potential. That is our Purpose: "offering everyone a better way forward". 
Being a Michelin shareholder means taking part in an exciting human adventure and helping to build a sustainable future that is profitable for the Company and beneficial for its employees, while at the same time safeguarding our planet and its inhabitants. 
Michelin engages attentively with its 240,000 individual shareholders to share its strategy, sustainable ambitions and innovations. Supported by the Shareholder Committee, Michelin is building special relationships based on trust, transparency and close interaction. 
And the recent four-for-one stock split has made our shares even more accessible, allowing for greater individual participation and a better distribution of value among all stakeholders.

Yves Chapot General Manager and Chief Financial Officer
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    Since 2003, Michelin has had a Shareholders' Consultative Committee composed of individual and employee shareholders.

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