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Why become a Michelin shareholder?

Invest in your future – become a Michelin shareholder.

Becoming a Michelin shareholder means supporting the growth of a Group that works every day to achieve a better balance between developing people, protecting the planet and generating profit, for everyone’s benefit.  

Investing in Michelin means contributing to a sustainable future by supporting the development of activities that create value for everyone. It also means being part of a project whose future successes will draw on: 
  • An exceptional capacity for innovation 

  • Internationally recognized technological leadership 

  • Engaged teams day in, day out 

  • A world-renowned brand 

  • Development in buoyant, diversified markets  

Reasons to invest

For over 130 years, Michelin has been innovating with determination and optimism to improve mobility and everyday life, while safeguarding the planet and its inhabitants.

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By becoming a Michelin shareholder, you can:

  • 01

    Be a partner of the world leader in sustainable mobility

  • 02

    Help to fund the growth of a Group that innovates for the benefit of everyone

  • 03

    Share in the history of a world-renowned French brand

  • 04

    Embrace and help achieve Michelin’s vision of a sustainable world

  • 05

    Own a stake in a company with a robust, engaged and responsible governance system

Hear from our shareholders:

  • Patrice Dubosclard, 59 ans, Shareholder since 2014 (9 years) 

    "Together with my sister and brother, we inherited Michelin shares in 2014 and decided to keep them as part of the family heritage.  
    Our parents were farmers and had a small property in Combrailles, near Clermont-Ferrand. In the 1970s, they bought Michelin shares. In their eyes, owning Michelin shares represented a safe investment and was part of the local culture. Our father only ever bought Michelin tires.” 
  • Annie Boucharenc, 68 ans, Shareholder since 2004 (19 years) 

    “I’m now retired from Michelin. As an employee, I felt it was essential to be a shareholder in the company, and I still am today. It helps me stay connected to Michelin.” 
  • Philippe Bourgeon, Shareholder since 1996 (27 years) 

    “I’m a Michelin shareholder, and I bought shares as part of a portfolio when I opened a stock savings plan.  
    Michelin, a flagship company in French industry with headquarters in Clermont-Ferrand, was an obvious choice for me.” 
  • Jean Barthélemy, 72 ans, Shareholder since 2002 (21 years) 

    “I joined Michelin in 1970 at the age of 20, and retired in 2010 aged 60. 
    I began in a manufacturing role, then moved to product inspection, and spent the latter part of my career in supply chain quality management, helping to guarantee customer satisfaction and service. When the employee share ownership plan was launched in 2002, I seized the opportunity to buy shares. Happy with the investment and its progress, I bought additional shares in 2003, 2008, 2010, 2013 and 2022. Given the company’s performance and stability, the shares’ value has kept increasing – and so has my confidence.  
    A word of advice: become a shareholder and put your trust in Michelin. 
    I’m now a happy retiree and very proud of the company’s continued progress.” 
  • Maxime Haffreingue, 42 year-old, Shareholder since 1999 (24 years) 

    "When I was 18, my grandfather gave me my first Michelin shares. That was my first introduction to the world of investment and the stock market.

    In 2003, I was lucky enough to start my career with Michelin. I seized the opportunity to acquire shares on advantageous terms as part of employee share ownership plans.

    2023 was a pivotal year, when I had the chance to attend the Annual General Meeting for the first time, even though I was leaving the company a few days later to become an entrepreneur. Over the years, I have come to appreciate the value of this company, its ambitions and its commitment to the environment.

    So I'm keeping my shares carefully to support the Group in this approach and to show my confidence in it for the future. And why not invest again in the near future?

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Becoming a shareholder

Join an extraordinary human adventure that began more than 130 years ago with an innovative Group, leader in sustainable development.