• Partnership provides sennder’s carriers access to Michelin’s suite of tyre solutions on special terms
  • Announcement signifies the start of a long-term partnership between sennder and Michelin

Michelin has announced its partnership with sennder, Europe’s leading digital freight forwarder, to provide carriers with greater access to Michelin suite of innovative tyres on special terms.

The partnership will give sennder’s carriers customised access to a suite of Michelin tyres; that are low-rolling resistance, saving fuel consumption and durable, increasing tyre mileage, making journeys more cost-effective and sustainable.

Carriers can choose the tyre best suited to their needs. For example, Michelin’s long-haul MICHELIN X® LINE TM range, which offers low rolling resistance, or the new MICHELIN X® MULTI TM  ENERGY TM  range that is designed for both short- and long-haul transport and saves drivers up to 1.2 litres of fuel per 100 kilometres.[1]

As part of the partnership, Michelin will provide sennder carriers access to its retreading services that replace the tyres’ tread, recycling the casing – reducing wastage and making tyres increasingly cost-effective.

sennder and Michelin’s collaboration will initially focus on Northern Europe and Iberia, with plans to scale it across other European markets throughout 2021.

Philip Cordes, Michelin Vice President Marketing B2B Europe North, said: “We attach great importance to digital mobility and fleet solutions. In Europe alone, we have 1,000 staff members working on the digital Michelin Services & Solutions portfolio. We are therefore looking forward to working with sennder to explore new, innovative avenues.” For more than 130 years, Michelin has been successfully developing tyres, services and solutions to improve long-term mobility.



[1]  Calculation based on VECTO. Vehicle equipped with 315/70 R 22.5 MICHELIN X® MULTI ENERGY Z and D, compared to a vehicle equipped with 315/70 R 22.5 MICHELIN X® MULTIWAY 3D XZE and XD. VECTO (Vehicle Energy Consumption Calculation Tool) is a simulation program developed by the European Commission and ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association) to calculate fuel consumption and CO2 emissions for a vehicle in its entirety.


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