Beyond the great versatility of the MICHELIN Pilot Sport EV tires and their high performance level over time, MICHELIN has another major asset: its connected solution that allows for knowing the pressure values in real time and making exchanges with the teams easier ; these assets are all the more valuable in the context of the discovery of three new circuits. This year, the FIA Formula-E Championship is actually coming to Jakarta, Vancouver and Seoul for the first time.

For Michelin, Formula E as an innovative booster for electric mobility

Michelin PSEV Formula e & Road

No fewer than 3 generations of tires in 8 years of involvement in Formula E: for Michelin, a founding partner of the sport, Formula E has, since its beginning, been a real innovations laboratory, thanks to the lessons learned from every race. The proof of this is in the Michelin Pilot Sport EV tire, suited to the new electric sports cars, and resulting from the experience gained in Formula E. Thanks to its specific rubber mixture, it also allows for increasing a vehicle’s range by 60 km. The MICHELIN Acoustic technology, from which they benefit, muffles resonance noise and allows for reducing the perceived sound level by 20%; a major asset for electric cars with their silent engines.

Did you know?


Michelin has become the reference partner for the Mission H24 project, in the aim of speeding up “zero-emission” mobility, thanks to the development of hydrogen power in Endurance racing. Michelin believes that hydrogen mobility will play a key role in the mass development of electric cars, as it is compatible with electric batteries.

Electric mobility, seen by Michelin as an energy transition accelerator

During the presentation of its new strategic “All Sustainable” 2030 plan (“Michelin in Motion”), Michelin mentioned the electric vehicle market as being a “real opportunity for growth and an energy transition accelerator.” Thanks to its technological leadership in terms of electric mobility, Michelin now offers tires suited to the specific needs of all electric vehicles.

  • November 9 2021

Michelin is also writing the future of electric mobility

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