At the Service of People and Industry Professionals

Fleet managers, vehicle manufacturers, farmers, distributors, individuals ... Michelin offers services and solutions to support you in your business or personal life, whether to: 

  • Sustainably improve the safety of people or goods
  • Limit your environmental footprint
  • Optimize the productivity of your business and the efficiency of your operations
  • Enrich your driving and travel experience or that of your team mates.

Services developed in close collaboration with customers in all areas of activity

The Michelin Group's services and solutions are designed, co-developed and continuously optimized in collaboration with our customers and as close to the reality on the ground as possible to meet the specific requirements of each activity. They concern customers with all types of vehicles: trucks, coaches and buses, vans, cars, aircraft, watercraft, agricultural and mining machinery, and are aimed at all types of mobility players: road infrastructure, insurers, energy suppliers… 

We are always listening to our customers. The customer is at the heart of our development process, from the birth of the idea to the creation of the solution and its evolution over time.
Ralph Dimenna, Director of the Services & Solutions Business Line

Leveraging the Internet of Things to Increase our Customers’ Competitiveness

Michelin helps to make your mobility more sustainable by connecting tires to vehicles and vehicles to their ecosystems. This is why more than 90% of our existing service offerings and 100% of those in development are connected. 


Michelin aims to be a leader in electronic tire identification by making tires that communicate. We promote RFID technology within the tire industry and beyond, with car manufacturers, distributors, customers, partners, and professional organizations.


The large amount of data captured, processed and analyzed using powerful algorithms developed by our experts can be used to identify drivers of growth and efficiency for each of our customers. Our teams provide support to present the results of the data captured and analyzed and ensure they are understood. The interfaces provided enable our customers to quickly identify any weaknesses and take practical steps to tackle them. 


  • Did you know?

    Michelin Services and Solutions represents... 

    • Over a million trucks, vans and light vehicles under contract 
    • One of the world leaders in fleet management 
    • Activities on 5 continents for all types of vehicles 
    • More than 4.5 million connected objects, a constantly increasing figure 

Discover our range of services & solutions

  • To manage fleets of heavy or light commercial vehicles, semi-trailers or vans
  • For truck tire maintenance
  • To improve the road safety of light vehicles
  • To optimize agricultural, mining or aeronautical yields
  • To optimize intercontinental maritime logistics monitoring
  • To enrich the driving and travel experience

To manage fleets of heavy or light commercial vehicles, semi-trailers or vans


Michelin, through Sascar in Latin and Central America, NexTraq in North America and Masternaut in Europe, proposes connected solutions to improve the fleet management of heavy and light commercial vehicles, semi-trailers and vans focused on optimizing operations, improving the safety and security of goods and people, and adopting a more sustainable approach. 


Other fleet management solutions include:

  • EFFITRAILER™ - to better manage and optimize your semi-trailers.
  • MyInspection - to facilitate vehicle inspections by drivers, enable the rapid planning of necessary repairs and visualize in real-time the fleet’s vehicle condition.
  • MICHELIN Mechanical Care - to outsource scheduled light mechanical maintenance of trailers with consistent quality, standardized pricing, asset visibility and consolidated invoicing.



For truck tire maintenance 

  • MICHELIN EFFITIRES™ - to outsource the tire maintenance of your fleet, get the most out of your tires and gain peace of mind while being billed for the kilometers traveled.
  • MICHELIN Tire Care - to help you identify and address tire maintenance issues via digital inspection solutions.
  • MICHELIN ONCall - to have peace of mind on the road and limit downtime with the reliable 24/7 truck breakdown service throughout Europe and North America.



To improve the road safety of light vehicles

  • Michelin Driving Data to Intelligence (DDI) - Specializing in the analysis of usage and driving data to better understand driving behaviors, identify risky stretches of road, and analyze uses to develop predictive maintenance intelligence.
  • CheckMyTire - to help automotive professionals develop their tire and service revenue thanks to an automated digital inspection that instantly informs the driver about the health of their tires.
  • ProovStation is partnering with Michelin in automated vehicle inspections - The vehicle inspection solution developed by ProovStation, the European leader in automated inspection, is being enhanced by the expertise offered by leading mobility player Michelin thanks to its MICHELIN QuickScan solution. This technology can be used to check tire wear automatically and instantaneously with millimeter precision. 



To optimize agricultural, mining or aeronautical yields

  • MEMS™ - to improve the safety of people and mining goods, limit vehicle downtime, optimize mine productivity and activity while maximizing the life of the tires.
  • TireCare TPMS - to protect the user during the use or maintenance of construction or port equipment thanks to real time alerts in the event of a loss of pressure or an increase in tire temperature
  • PresSense project - to facilitate tire maintenance operations for airlines on the ground by remotely measuring aircraft tire pressure in real time. Project developed in partnership with Safran Landing Systems.



To optimize intercontinental maritime logistics monitoring 

  • Safecube - a joint venture between Michelin, Sigfox and Argon Consulting, to optimize intercontinental logistics by monitoring container transport from end to end and in real time, including during maritime transfers.



To enrich the driving and travel experience 

  • MICHELIN Track Connect - intended for track day enthusiasts, to receive advice and information on managing tire pressure and temperature before, during and after each driving session. 
  • Truckfly by Michelin - the free smartphone application for truckers, by truckers, to help them easily locate useful stops along their routes (restaurants, parking, fuel stations, showers...) and simplify their daily lives everywhere in Europe. 
  • Better Driving Community (by DDI) - to create a community of committed drivers who share their driving data to help make the road safer and benefit from personalized driving advice. 


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