All-Sustainable approach

The "All-Sustainable" approach is embedded in the Group's strategy based on a balanced development between People, Profit & the Planet.
Michelin is innovating and committing itself more than ever to a life in motion.

At the heart of what we do

The Group’s “All-Sustainable” vision conducts its strategy and strives for the best balance between People, Profit & the Planet.

For People, this means development, commitment, safety, the inclusion of diversity in all its forms, and value creation for its customers.

For Profit, this means growth, financial value, the brand power of Michelin, and innovation in its products, services and solutions.

For the Planet, this means achieving carbon neutrality after factoring in manufacturing, energy, product use, the sites’ environmental footprint (biodiversity, etc.) and product circularity.


The Group shares and upholds a set of deeply-rooted values that translates to:


  • Respect for Customers
  • Respect for People
  • Respect for Shareholders
  • Respect for the Environment
  • Respect for Facts
In the Michelin of tomorrow, everything will be sustainable.
Florent Menegaux
Chief Executive Officer of the Michelin Group

Commitments and responsibilities

A long-standing commitment to being efficient and responsible

Michelin’s stated goal is to drive progress in mobility. The Group has chosen to achieve this through innovation and quality, grounding its development on its values: respect for customers, for people, for shareholders, for the environment and for facts.

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All-Sustainable governance

Sustainable development management was overhauled in 2017 and specific governance teams set up for each theme. Further changes followed in 2020 when a Corporate Social Responsibility Committee was formed within the Supervisory Board to embed sustainable development more deeply in the Group: A trend embraced in Michelin at every level and in every business line.

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Performance and transparency in business conduct

For Michelin, making a commitment for society and the planet calls for determination, humility and perseverance. Since sweeping declarations are meaningless without the value of action, the Group publishes its social and environmental performance indicators.

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Ethics and Compliance: meeting ambitious standards

True to its values of respect, Michelin applies rigorous ethical principles and pursues demanding societal ambitions in line with its Code of Ethics, its Personnel policies and its Purchasing Principles.

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Michelin reaches a new milestone in its all Sustainable approach

During Michelin’s Capital Markets Day on April 8, the Group unveiled its new “Michelin in Motion” strategic plan and its “All Sustainable” ambitions for 2030. This approach aims to strike a balance between human, environmental, and economic priorities.

Michelin is the proud winner of a 2020 digital acceleration award

Michelin has just received an award at the “Grands Prix de l’Accélération Digitale” organized by BFM Business in the “transformation of customer relations” category. An interview with the Group Chief Information Officer and the Group Chief Digital Officer.

What lessons are to be learned from the crisis?

Topics such as ‘deglobalisation’ and ‘re-localisation’ were the focus of a round table organised on May 13 by the French Senate’s Commission for Economic Affairs in which Group Michelin CEO Florent Menegaux participated.
A tire in a Michelin natural environment

Michelin commits to a green economic restart

In line with its ‘Everything Sustainable’ strategy, Michelin is planning a green economic restart for the post-Covid-19 period, in close collaboration with the foundation Solar Impulse and 11 other major players.
michelin gastronomie

MICHELIN GUIDES: Sustainable gastronomy takes the spotlight

Michelin's "All Sustainable" strategy is also playing out through sustainable gastronomy. Launched only a year ago, MICHELIN's Green Star is already featuring in a number of the MICHELIN Guide's international editions.

How can industry be revived in France, in a way that is sustainable?

In a column published in Le Monde on 1/12/2020, Florent Menegaux, CEO of the Michelin Group, voiced his thoughts on how France might successfully reindustrialize its economy.

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