• Michelin is contributing its expertise in tire data analysis to reduce the time and costs of tire inspection.
  • MICHELIN QuickScan technology, a unique solution on the market that was initially designed for truck tires, is now being adapted to automobile needs.

The vehicle inspection solution developed by ProovStation, the European leader in automated inspection, is being enhanced by the expertise offered by leading mobility player Michelin thanks to its MICHELIN QuickScan solution. This technology can be used to check tire wear automatically and instantaneously with millimeter precision.


Not long ago, the typical manual car inspection lasted about 30 minutes. 10% of this time was dedicated to tire inspection. Now, thanks to ProovStation and Michelin's combined solutions, inspections can be reduced to less than a minute for the entire vehicle, including just a few seconds on the tires, while also cutting the cost of these checks and increasing their reliability.


In addition to MICHELIN QuickScan technology, which is protected by more than 15 patents, Michelin is contributing its experience in analyzing tire data using its proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms.


Already tested in the world of truck tires, MICHELIN QuickScan works using a road-surface scanner. This technology has, for the first time, been adapted to cars. It can be set up quickly, in under four hours, without any installation of electrical equipment. The magnetic scanner works in all weather conditions (rain, snow, etc.), for every type of tire and vehicle, regardless of the brand. It does not need to be cleaned of dirt, mud when used in given environments or usage conditions, and is the only technology on the market to offer this advantage.

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