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MICHELIN Mobility Intelligence

In 2030, the global urban population is expected to reach 5 billion inhabitants. To help both local authorities and private players more effectively plan ahead for and support the increase in road transportation, the Group is drawing on MICHELIN Mobility Intelligence to make sense of the infinite wealth of mobility data. 

Data offers infinite potential for innovations, providing stakeholders know how to mine its full value to make mobility smarter, cleaner and safer by constantly upgrading our connected solutions.

Lorraine Frega Executive Vice President Distribution, Services & Solutions - Member of the Group Executive Committee
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    The TruckFly app is used by truck drivers in 44 countries

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    The equivalent of 13 times the Earth’s circumference, or 515,000 kms, scanned by our solutions

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A unique expertise in algorithms for a global approach to mobility

Through its Safer, Better, Greener Roads and Mobility Data solutions, MICHELIN Mobility Intelligence is pursuing the Group’s long-standing commitment to making roads and infrastructures safer and cleaner.

Today, local authorities and private players are drawing on Michelin technologies to bolster their decision-making ability and fine-tune their strategic, operational, social & environmental orientations. They are leveraging Michelin solutions to allocate their resources easier, faster and more effectively.

With over 1.6 billion kilometers captured every day, the Group has a substantial source of mobility data at its disposal. Michelin is drawing on its expertise in algorithms to make sense of the infinite wealth of data, which is continually enhanced by its unique knowledge of tire usage and the regular input of state-of-the-art technologies.

Customers, states, cities, fleet or infrastructure managers, manufacturers, etc. can then mine the information to anticipate the future, enhance safety, undertake their energy transition and fight against noise and air pollution. They also enjoy new opportunities for development and innovation so they can renovate and upgrade their infrastructures and build the City of tomorrow.

Truckfly by Michelin, the app for truck drivers

TRUCKFLY by Michelin is much more than a digital app: it’s a turnkey solution for addressing all of the issues facing our trucker community.

Available in 44 countries and translated into over 20 languages, the TRUCKFLY by Michelin participatory community app embodies Michelin’s long-standing commitment to facilitating mobility for people and goods. Michelin leverages its command of data to help truckers on a day-to-day basis, enhancing their quality of life and their working conditions. This free app, which has already been downloaded some 800,000 times, indexes and locates various types of establishment that can accommodate trucks, such as restaurants, safe parking areas, gas stations, truck washes, delivery points, rest areas, etc. TRUCKFLY by Michelin also keeps truckers informed through toll road alerts and will even provide contact details for doctors in the event of an emergency.

Launched in 2023, the recruitment platform, with over 1,000 job postings updated per month, enables truckers to apply for targeted job offers.

TRUCKFLY by Michelin is planning to roll out a community GPS system specifically for truck-related issues.

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