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Connected fleet solutions

Michelin offers a bespoke, graduated and tailored approach by providing access to connected solutions based on IA, its own algorithms and its unique knowledge of usages. This enables its customers to rely on one and the same stakeholder to address their economic, human and environmental stakes.

Michelin’s connected solutions for fleets are designed to enhance people’s safety, maximize their economic and operational performances and reduce their environmental impact. 

Lorraine Frega Executive Vice President Distribution, Services & Solutions - Member of the Group Executive Committee


Michelin is not just a supplier: it operates as a fully-fledged partner, guiding and supporting its customers, and working with them to design connected solutions and action plans tailored to their specific requirements. The growing digitalization of businesses and the abundance of data available are proving to be a tremendous channel for innovation and improvement for Michelin and its customers. 

The connected solutions of MICHELIN Connected Fleet solutions are designed to help fleet operators and managers turn their vehicles’ data into high value-added information and take the right decisions. The capture systems installed in the vehicles give fleet managers real-time visibility of their goods, the trucks and the trailers, as well as driving behaviors. The data collected enables fleet managers and their drivers to improve the fleet's efficiency. As a result, they can make their operations safer, reduce costs and optimize productivity and manage their fleets sustainably. In this respect, the connected solutions of MICHELIN Connected Fleet can offer complete support for electric mobility, including hydrogen through Watèa by Michelin.

The connected solutions of MICHELIN Connected Fleet solutions, initially launched in Spain in October 2020, have subsequently been rolled out more widely across Europe, North and South America, Australia and South Africa.

  • 300

    MICHELIN Connected Fleet processes the data from 300 million journeys a year.

  • 70 000

    Michelin Connected Fleet has 70,000 customers.

  • 17

    Michelin Connected Fleet is deployed in 17 countries.

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MICHELIN Connected Mobility is an area that combines various connected solutions for fleets, tire management and tire performance optimization services. It also includes and a new automatic solution for predictive maintenance and alerts.

In addition, fleet managers benefit from enhanced driver performance thanks to real-time alerts, proactive action plans, expert advice, vehicle tracking and the operational excellence of the service partner network. This enables them to anticipate the actions they need to take.

MICHELIN Connected Mobility draws on Michelin’s longstanding knowledge in the field of tires and their usage, and its full command of algorithms. Drawing on its expertise in leveraging the data obtained from connected devices, the Group can develop customized connected solutions to help its customers meet their operational, human and environmental challenges.

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