Michelin, a key leader in connected mobility
A global approach through services and solutions for an “All Sustainable” future.

The increasing digitization of activities and the proliferation of data contribute to improvements in safety, productivity, and the reduction of environmental impact. Thanks to its broad expertise in leveraging data from connected items, Michelin is positioning itself as a key leader in connected mobility.

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Michelin’s Services and Solutions are encompassed by the Group’s desire and strategy to contribute to a sustainable future. Our clients can rely on Michelin to seize the opportunities offered by mobility data right now, to ensure the sustainability of their activities, while balancing human, economic and environmental challenges. Lorraine Frega Distribution, Services and Solutions, Strategy, Innovation and Partnerships, Member of the Group’s Executive Committee

Connected mobility, at the heart of human, economic and environmental challenges



By boosting personal safety, through analyses of and advice on driving behavior, maintenance planning tools, monitoring and alerts for tire pressure and wear, compliance checks, etc.


By maximizing economic and operational performance through better monitoring of productivity, vehicle availability, mileage, fuel consumption, etc., but also through development and innovation.


By reducing the environmental impact through the reduction of CO2 emissions, assistance towards electric and hydrogen mobility, reducing tire requirements through retreading, etc.

Michelin’s global approach around the tire

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Mobility professionals and industrial players are confronted with challenges of increasing complexity. In this context, the continually enriched data contributes to the relevance of our services and solutions and the improvement of our offers to the benefit of Michelin’s clients. This is the strength of the virtuous cycle of data insights generated by Michelin globally, making the Group a key leader in connected mobility. Marc Pasquet Services and Solutions Business Line Director

A strategy based on three connectivity models,
supported by the technological environment around tires and connected items.

Fleet management
Connected services platforms
Mobility intelligence

Fleet management

Fleet management makes our clients’ operations safer, productive and sustainable with a range of services for vehicle, tire and driver management. The Group’s offers may extend to fully assisting its clients towards electric.

Michelin Connected Fleet

Services and solutions to easily manage fleets on a daily basis
and transform operational efficiency.

Watèa by Michelin

A tailor-made electric mobility solution for light commercial vehicle fleets, through an all-in-one offer that provides electric vehicles, access to charging facilities and digital services.


Tire services

A complete tire management solution, combining tires, maintenance, and related services, which provides peace of mind and allows our clients to concentrate on their core trade.


A powerful TPMS solution for the management of mining vehicles and overall site conditions, combining innovative equipment and seamless connectivity to improve safety, increase productivity and reduce cost.


What do our clients think?

Connected services platform

A platform with a dual objective:
• Connect fleets to trustworthy service providers so they can confidently keep their vehicules moving
• Digital optimization of maintenance services and commercial processes

By bringing the requirements and the services together, fleet managers can find reliable outside maintenance providers to maximize their uptime.

Mobility intelligence

Mobility intelligence unlocks the power of data and transforms our clients’ businesses with unique insights that make mobility smarter, greener and safer. Objective: to provide our private and public partners with data-driven decision making tools, to address mobility issues.

With over one million vehicles under contract and millions of connected items, Michelin relies on its mastery of algorithms and data science to bring flexible solutions to mobility players.

Michelin DDI (Driving Data to Intelligence)

Safer Roads / Greener Roads 

Expertise in analyzing data and driving behaviors for solutions that contribute to safer, smarter and greener mobility.



Better Driving Community

A community of drivers committed to safer road mobility thanks to driving data, developing relevant analyses to inform and advise mobility stakeholders.



Truckfly by Michelin

A free application that helps the mobility of Truckers, improves their quality of life and working conditions, and enables them to find a job*.

*France in 2022.


MICHELIN Connected Technologies, the technological environment around tyres and connected objects

MICHELIN Connected Technologies is characterised by a set of technologies that enable the tyre to communicate with the driver, operators and the vehicle. The aim is to further improve the safety and mobility experience of private and professional customers, while helping to reduce the environmental footprint.

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