The Green Guides, collections for all tastes and all trips

The Michelin library of guidebooks continues to expand. In addition to the classic Green Guides, we now offer a range of guides tailored for different travelers. 


  • Rome, London, Paris, Venice, Barcelona, New York, Marseille ... with our "7 cities at a glance" collection, urban explorers can find their fill of adventures. 
  • Our "Les Petits Explorateurs" series takes a child's-eye view for a fresh, insightful, and in-depth exploration of history and heritage.

MICHELIN Travel: discover the world with Michelin

  • More than 30,000 selected sites in 80 countries.
  • More than 8 million maps and guides published in 2017.


The MICHELIN Travel website is changing so travelers can access our guidebooks in just a few clicks. We are also developing custom services in certain countries. In China, for example, we now have an online travel agency that books custom trips to Europe, including the option to prepay for Michelin-selected hotels and restaurants.

Road maps for any situation, anywhere in the world

  • 600 references, 8 collections, and 50 countries covered in 37 languages
  • 10 million maps and guides sold


When travelers arrive in a new country, region or city, the first thing they do is look for a map or guidebook to find exhaustive, accurate information: road numbers, distances, interchanges, rest stops, slopes, indices, city maps. Michelin's maps and guides offer all those features. The Green Guides collection brings readers an unrivaled level of detail on roads and tourist attractions, including a selection of scenic routes, points of interest, and reliable updates based on local sources.

Users can also go online to:

  • personalize their route with different itinerary options.
  • calculate the exact cost of their trip.
  • find recommendations for services along their route.

ViaMichelin: a website and app to find the right route

  • 187 billion kilometers calculated in 2017
  • 400 million visits per year


ViaMichelin now offers maps and itineraries, both online and for mobile. It also offers other travel services, including hotel and restaurant reservations, points of interest, real time traffic, weather, and more.


Available in eight languages, ViaMichelin is the second-most-popular route planner, behind Google Maps, with 400 million visits per year. Its services are also available on several brands of GPS and through certain automotive manufacturers.


Digital may have changed the way we travel, but paper maps remain extremely popular. We offer maps for 40 countries in 37 languages, and one map is purchased every six seconds worldwide (Michelin accounts for 75 percent of that volume).



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