For the planet

Because Michelin is aware of the need to preserve natural resources and earth systems to conduct its business sustainably, we take into account the environmental impacts of our operations and products, starting from the design phase including the full life cycle.

Acting for the planet

Michelin has defined new Ambitions for the period up to 2030 climate change, biodiversity and natural resources to ensure that, wherever the Group operates, its operations respect the planet.
Combating global warming, protecting biodiversity and developing a circular economy are priorities for the Michelin Group.
Jean-Christophe Guérin
Executive Vice President Manufacturing, member of the Group Executive Committee.

For the Planet

Commitments and responsibilities

Ambitions for the planet

The All-Sustainable approach that guides the Group’s strategy is based on balanced development of People, financial and operational performance, & environmental stewardship.

Michelin’s environmental approach reflects its role and its responsibilities to meet the challenges facing the world and conduct its business in an exemplary manner.

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Environmental approach

The Group’s environmental policy is in line with the corporate vision redefined in 2019. It aims to control the risks of pollution and reduce the environmental impact of its operations, wherever the Group operates.
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Acting for the climate

As a global leader in sustainable mobility and a responsible company, Michelin is taking concrete steps to combat climate change. The Group is aiming for net-zero emissions by 2050 as part of its climate strategy.

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Protecting biodiversity

The strain on nature caused by resource depletion, pollution and climate change is damaging biodiversity and weakening ecosystems, and in so doing threatening natural and human habitats.

Michelin is committed to reducing the impact of its operations on biodiversity and ecosystems.

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Cascade in a place protected by Michelin

Preserving resources

The natural resources required for life on earth are becoming scarce, a major concern for the future of humanity. From the design to the use of our products, the Michelin Group is working to reduce the raw materials required in our products and use more and more sustainable materials in its products.
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Our commitment to sustainable natural rubber production in Indonesia

For many years, in co-operation with NGOs and other partners, the Group has been taking actions to shift the natural rubber industry towards more sustainable practices, to lower its global environmental footprint as well as preserve priority ecosystems.

Preserving water : a priority for Michelin

World Water Day is the occasion for Michelin to remind people how the Group is working to protect this resource that is so essential for the survival of all living species, and for the preservation of the environment. This commitment is enshrined in Michelin’s “All-Sustainable” approach.

A major advance for tire recycling

Michelin has announced the construction of its first end-of-life tire recycling plant in Chile. We spoke about his project with Sander Vermeulen, Director of Marketing & Business Development, Hi-Tech Materials

Doing business sustainably while protecting biodiversity

In 2018, Michelin was among the companies that made biodiversity commitments through act4nature international. Two years later, Nicolas Beaumont, Michelin's VP of Sustainable Development and Mobility, takes stock.

Michelin wins the Grand Jury Prize at the Sustainable Industry awards

Michelin’s Les Gravanches french plant - one of the Michelin’s 69 manufacturing facilities has just won the Grand Jury Prize at the Sustainable Industry awards from the magazine “ Usine Nouvelle” - for its sustainability initiative intended to make it the Group’s first “zero CO₂ emissions” plant. Jean-Christophe Guérin, Vice...

Michelin & Hydrogen : 15 year-commitment

Is hydrogen the energy source of the future? Government policies all over the world are currently reflecting increasing interest in the sector. These ambitions are consistent with the Michelin Group's "Fully Sustainable" vision, which includes the company’s efforts to develop hydrogen over the past 15 years.

Responsible energy management

More than ever, we must consume fewer resources and reduce CO2 emissions in order to protect the planet. The Michelin Group is taking tangible action to tackle this major issue.

Analyzing tire life cycles to help protect biodiversity

Michelin is committed to measuring the environmental footprint of its tires throughout their life time, in particular the impact of raw materials on biodiversity. The goal is to factor the results into new tire design as early as 2020. Antoine Pineau and Romain Muggeo from the Michelin Group R&D Center...

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