Meet customers' expectations
Design and market products, services,
and solutions for unique mobility experiences

Meeting customers’ expectations is part of the Company's purpose. Michelin relies on a strong bond with all of its customers and on its capacity for innovation to meet their expectations and anticipate changes in its markets. 

Earning customers' trust and preference

Customers are the core focus of the Group attention and organization; its strategy aims to sustainably enhance their mobility. Its capacity for innovation and its knowledge of usage used enable to market products, services and solutions that meet customers' expectations.

Tire-related services and solutions for more efficient mobility


Service is an integral part of the Group’s DNA.  Michelin offers professional customers a range of solutions to help them optimize tire and fleet management: Effitire, Effifuel and Effitrailer as well as MICHELIN TIRE CARE for trucks, in addition to the solutions available through the acquisitions of Sascar in Brazil, Nextraq in the USA, Masternaut, PTG and Teleflow in Europe. The same concern for service prompted the Group to bolster its presence in the mining industry by acquiring Fenner, the global leader in conveyor belts. This has allowed today to market a comprehensive range of tires and conveyor belts, along with solutions and services.

Operations that bring our customers unique mobility experiences

Michelin expands its offering - stake acquired in the Robert Parker Wine Advocate and the Fooding guide - and is making optimal use of digital tools through the acquisition of and development of ViaMichelin.

ViaMichelin application

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Robert Parker Wine

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