Meet commitments to employees
Fostering the well-being and development
of all our employees

Since the company's inception, Michelin has seen respect for people as a fundamental responsibility and has striven to uphold a corporate culture that is strong, open, and shared.

Promoting diversity in all its forms and inclusion

Diversity is a fundamental asset and a performance booster.

At Michelin, we want everyone to be treated fairly and to be able to freely express their real selves and their differences. We want our teams to be able to be representative of all the diversities present in the regions in which we operate, and we want this diversity to be experienced in a spirit of inclusion and openness.

Michelin does not tolerate any instance of discrimination within the Group, regarding any person whatsoever or on any grounds whatsoever, including cases where local practices would allow it.

A strong commitment to employee well-being and development

The Group implements the conditions of quality of life at work in which employees can achieve all four pillars of personal balance and well-being at once, namely: physical and mental health, healthy relationships, and personal fulfillment. 

2 ambitions

• Protecting the health and safety of the Group's employees and enhance their well-being.

• Creating a work environment that encourages trust, cooperation, and diversity, and in which all employees are offered the possibility of developing their skills and embracing progress and innovation.

Projects are being developed to improve the work environment, organization, and communication. 

The Group is also empowering the countries and sites to make progress in the priority areas, based on the local needs. The workplace well-being indicator included in the "Moving Forward Together" study can be used to track change. 

Guiding and supporting employees along their career path

Michelin's ambition is to enable each employee to be in the driving seat of their own career.  


Employees are given guidance and support for managing their career path in the Group by the managers and the development partners. To support their professional and personal development, an onboarding and training system is in place that is designed to adapt to and address each person's requirements as closely as possible. 


To a large extent, Michelin gives preference to internal promotion: in 2021, 72.7% of the Group's managers rose up from within the GroupInvestment in people development remains significant. 


Moreover, Michelin applies a policy of nondiscrimination and equal pay for equivalent profiles and positions. All over the world, the Group uses an identical, audited set of methods to compare pay levels between men and women for positions with comparable levels of responsibility. 


• In 2021, women represented 28.9% of management and supervisory positions, as against the target 30%.

• In 2021, local management in growth areas represented 83.2%, as against the target 80%.

"Moving Forward Together: your voice for action"

Every year, the "Moving Forward Together: Your Voice for Action" survey measures the level of employee engagement and job satisfaction.


• In 2021, 87% of the employees took the survey, resulting in a 80% employee engagement rate, to be compared with the 85% target rate.

57,950 Progress Ideas were registered in 2021 , of which more than 18,000 were implemented during the year.

A few figures: development, health, safety, well-being at work, nationalities, etc.

  • Key figures

    130 production sites

  • Key figures

    125,000 employees  

  • Key figures

    + than 5000 recruitments  

  • Key figures

    80% of engagement rate*   *from the annual "Moving Forward Together" survey


HAPPY TRAINEES 2022 in France

For the third time in a row, Michelin has taken first place in the ChooseMyCompany HappyIndex®Trainees 2022 ranking in the "Companies with more than 500 interns and alternating students" category.


In 2021, Michelin obtains a score of 93/100 on the gender equality index. The company confirms that the variety of backgrounds and experiences enhances creativity, innovation, and mutual enrichment, and contributes to the Group's economic and social performance.

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