For People

The Michelin Group was built "For and through people", which enables each person to become what he or she is.

The way we work with teams, partners and the communities in our ecosystem bear witness to this.

Every day, Michelin works alongside those who inspire us: our customers, our employees, our partners and our shareholders, among others.

The Group expects everyone to behave in ways consistent with ethical principles and our values grounded in mutual respect; we place particular importance on including all forms of diversity.

At Michelin, we put human rights at the center of our operations, whether regarding employees, suppliers, local communities, customers, or the public at large. Promoting human rights is part of Michelin’s DNA.
Florent Menegaux
Michelin Group CEO
For people

Making people the core focus of our action

Ambitions and commitments

Respect for people has always been at the heart of Michelin’s values. By maintaining a strong company culture and establishing relationships based on a will to listen, dialogue and mutual respect, Michelin ensures that its social commitments are met over the long term.

People are at the core of the Group’s performance.

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Respect Human Rights

As a responsible, community-minded company, Michelin subscribes to the highest international standards of Human Rights in the conduct of its business and in its value chain.

These principles inspire the Group’s internal policies, and the Group is committed to respecting Human Rights wherever it operates.

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Meet commitments to employees: a responsible global employer

At each of its sites, Michelin ensures that its employees are rightfully respected. This includes improving working conditions to create an environment that is conducive to their personal development and fulfilment as employees carry out their responsibilities.

Since the company’s inception, Michelin has maintained respect for people as a core responsibility and has striven to uphold a corporate culture that is strong, open, and shared.


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Meet customers’ expectations

Customers are the focus of Michelin’s attention and organization. 

Right from the company’s inception and across all of its markets, Michelin has relied on a strong bond with its customers. The Group channels its efforts into developing innovations that are adapted to changing consumer habits and lifestyles to meet their expectations. 

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Inspire and engage suppliers

Michelin trains its buyers in the principles of responsible purchasing and includes sustainable development criteria in tenders.

For several years now, the Group has been taking a proactive approach to responsible purchasing with its suppliers, who commit to more respectful practices regarding people and the environment.

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Contribute to society

In all places where it operates, Michelin becomes actively involved in local community life, forging ties with local organizations such as regional authorities, educational establishments, and associations, and more. Michelin provides expertise and financial support in various fields, including education, cultural and sporting activities, mobility for people and goods, charitable initiatives, and so on. 

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Michelin takes action to boost inclusion

With over 1.3 billion people worldwide living with some form of disability, according to World Bank data, Michelin is ramping up its action to boost the inclusion of all forms of diversity in the Company, all over the world. 


Examples of involvement in community life

  • Strengthening ties with local communities 
  • Contributing to vitality at the regional level 
  • Encouraging our employees to be involved locally

Ouro Verde Bahia : the Michelin ecological reserve

At the Michelin Ecological Reserve of Ouro Verde Bahia in Brazil – at once an ecological reserve, a center for research into rubber plant varieties and a pilot project for improving smallhold planters’ living conditions – we are putting our words into action… 

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Collaboration with food banks

Michelin is working with food banks in Spain and Portugal to help the most disadvantaged people.

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Youth employment support

In 2020, Michelin’s teams in Rio de Janeiro joined forces with the Brazilian NGO “Junior Achievement” to conduct a youth employment program called “JA Start-up”.

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Employees working with beekeepers

In 2020, some Michelin employees obtained an Apicultural Health Technicians diploma as part of their Involvement in Local Life. They are now qualified to conduct health inspections at beekeepers’ premises in the Puy-de-Dôme, in France.

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Careers for women in industry

Not only is the manufacturing sector not restricted to men, but it also offers a range of career opportunities for women. A discussion with Sarah Miller, Vice-President of Manufacturing Operational Excellence for the Michelin Group and Jean-Claude Pats, Executive Vice President & Chief HR Officer - Member of the Group...

How Michelin contributes to the fight against COVID-19

While its number one priority is to guarantee the protection and safety of its staff, Michelin is using its expertise and innovative capacity to meet a number of health-care needs. The Group is also driving community actions in the different parts of the world where it operates.

Promoting industrial jobs

Industrial jobs and the skills they require are key to the Group’s performance. That makes promoting industry and industrial careers a key concern, and one that Michelin is actively addressing. Let’s look at what that means in practice.

Michelin gears up to join “The Valuable 500”

Michelin joins "The Valuable 500", a global initiative to explicitly put disability inclusion on the agenda of multinational companies.

Diversity at the heart of Michelin’s ALL-Sustainable approach

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