All-Sustainable governance
The Group Management attentive to external stakeholders

The "All-Sustainable" approach is being followed at the highest level of the Company and shared with its outside stakeholders; the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee ensures appropriate commitment with regard to non-financial compliance and ethics.

Three governance teams and one committee for coordinated management


A Corporate Social Responsibility Committee within the Supervisory Board

This committee is tasked with examining the Group's strategy, ambitions, policies and commitments in the light of CSR (Ethics and Compliance, Human Rights, Employee Hygiene/Health/Safety, Environmental Protection) and making recommendations. It also checks that the Group maintains the required level of ethics and compliance.

Oversight by the Group Management Committee

The Management Committee holds twice-yearly meetings on sustainable development and mobility.

This body is made up of the Executive Committee and the head of the following functions: Legal, Purchasing, Finance, Information Systems, Internal Control - Audit - Quality, Strategy, Supply Chain, Corporate & Business Services, China and North America Regions.

These meetings, which are facilitated by the head of sustainable development, check that satisfactory progress is being made towards the Ambitions and approve the strategic guidelines laid down by the Ethics, Environmental Governance, Human Rights and Sustainable Mobility Committees, including management of the Group's non-financial risks and their internal control.

Regular dialog with stakeholders

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Stakeholder mapping

Stakeholder committee

Michelin establishes an open, constructive dialog with stakeholders at local, national and international levels. This allows the Group to gauge changes in society's expectations, gather criticism and ideas that feed into its own thinking, stimulate innovation and open up fresh development prospects.
Comité des parties prenantes
The Group-level Stakeholder Committee is made up of 13 prominent figures from all over the world . Once a year, it meets with the Chief Executive Officer and the members of the Executive Committee to discuss our sustainable development and mobility strategy, progress to date and upcoming initiatives on both environmental and people-related issues.

Michelin's approach to stakeholder relations

The development of Michelin's businesses and its "All-Sustainable" strategy relies on the quality of its interactions with all of its stakeholders. This dialog not only boosts its performance, it also helps map out a more sustainable and efficient mobility.

Stakeholder meetings are an opportunity to develop Michelin's role in the light of the expectations expressed by society's spokespeople. They are also a forum for discussing issues involving the Group's operations and its commitment to local communities, in particular the local education system and the area's economic attractiveness.
Stakeholder relations at every level of the Group

Michelin establishes an open, constructive dialog with stakeholders at local, national, and international levels.

The various Michelin entities are encouraged to identify key stakeholders and work with them at national level and on operational issues.

For each of the group’s locations, stakeholder relations are the responsibility of the local manager. 

The sustainable development and mobility network

29272597 - business team network
29272597 - business team network

The sustainable development and mobility network comprises representatives of the major world regions. It is responsible for promoting sustainable development locally on a day-to-day basis, reporting on implementation of the objectives set by the strategic committees and governance teams, and helping to roll out local initiatives.

Progress on the action programs and their outcomes are regularly reviewed.

Employee engagement

Steps are taken to foster employee awareness and involvement so that everyone becomes a stakeholder and advocate of sustainable development in the Company. More specifically, they are encouraged to share their ideas for progress in their work environment and beyond.
  • Key figures

    3 Governance bodies and 1 Committee

  • Key figures

    2 SDM networks: 1 networks for Regions/countries correspondents and 1 network for Business lines

  • Key figures

    2 Sessions of the Group Management Committee dedicated each year to Sustainable Development and Mobility

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