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MICHELIN, leader in sustainable mobility

Michelin believes in its capacity to preserve mobility, which it considers a universal right. Due to major environmental challenges, the Group is convinced that mobility can only be developed as part of an “All-Sustainable” approach. 

Mobility is a universal right, at the heart of human development; a profoundly valuable right that quite naturally is part of our "All-Sustainable" approach. It is also at the core of our purpose.
Pierre-Martin Huet Senior Vice President Sustainable Development and Impact

Mobility, a right that MICHELIN is committed to upholding

The planet is currently experiencing ever-increasing demographic pressure, with populations who legitimately wish to be able to move, to work, to access healthcare or education, etc. Mobility is a universal right that everyone should be able to enjoy, and one that Michelin is committed to preserving and making more sustainable.

This is why the Group is ceaselessly innovating to make it ever safer, accessible from a physical and economic point of view, efficient, with maximum performance and minimum consumption of resources, and with less impact on the environment. A holistic approach to mobility that bears witness to Michelin’s leadership in the field. 

MICHELIN, leader in sustainable mobility

Convinced that technological progress is essential for a sustainable future, Michelin leverages all its innovative strength and expertise, particularly in high-tech materials and data, to have mobility continue sustainably.   

  • Great challenges call for great ambitions: already a pioneer with the "MICHELIN Energy" tire with less environmental impact in 1992, Michelin has taken up a tremendous new challenge in response to the urgent need to act for the planet: designing all-sustainable tires on a large scale, i.e., tires that have no impact on resources and biodiversity, and in net-zero CO2 emissions plants, by 2050. To achieve this, Michelin takes every stage of the life cycle into account, from the extraction of raw materials to the collection and processing of end-of-life products, including manufacturing, transport, and usage. 

  • A pioneer and technological leader in electric vehicle tires and involved in the hydrogen domain for over 20 years, Michelin is also a key player in transport decarbonization.  

  • Thanks to a high level of expertise in mastering and leveraging data, connected mobility and its infinite potential for innovation is one of Michelin's responses to the challenge of sustainable mobility. MoveElectric and Watèa by Michelin are among the connected solutions offered by the company to assist fleets in their transition to electric mobility. 

Move electric
Photograph of a Watea by Michelin electric vehicle connected to a charging station.
Watèa by Michelin, a complete electric mobility solution for professional vehicles.

Michelin, engaged in the global fight against road accidents

Because road accidents are responsible for 1.35 million deaths and injuries every year, Michelin is involved in multiple road safety programs throughout the world. 
In Argentina, for example, a coalition of two members of the Global Alliance of NGOs for road safety has successfully engaged 29 cities and municipalities in safer soft mobility projects (bicycle lanes and 30km/h zones). 

The Group is a partner of global organisations as diverse as the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration (UNRSC) through the Road Safety Fund and UNICEF in South-East Asia and China. 

Michelin has also continued its joint action with NGOs such as Youth for Road Safety (YOURS) and through a new partnership with the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety in Latin America, as well as within the framework of coalitions with other players in the private sector. This is the case with TotalEnergies for the VIA road safety awareness programme. 

Michelin, a catalyst and player within international bodies

  • SuM4All

Led by the World Bank, the SuM4All (Sustainable Mobility for All) initiative promotes a shared ambition of sustainable mobility. With the support of the Michelin Foundation in particular, SuM4All has developed and introduced a powerful diagnostic and decision-making tool for mobility, in which Michelin actively participated during its first test in South Africa.  
Together with the International Road Federation (IRF), and with the support of the corporate Foundation, Michelin led a working group within the Sum4All consortium’ to develop a shared vision and approach on safe mobility through the “Enhancing Policy and Action for Safe Mobility” report. Published in 2023, this report provides practical and actionable policy guidance on how countries can implement a systemic and integrated approach to road safety. 

  • Transport Decarbonization Alliance  

Since 2018, Michelin has been among the founding members of a pioneering coalition in terms of public/private partnerships: the Transport Decarbonization Alliance (TDA). This brings together countries, cities (or regions) and companies, major stakeholders in the systemic transformation of mobility. The TDA currently numbers 27 members, all committed to finding real solutions for a “net zero emissions” sector by 2050. 

  • The Tire Industry Project (TIP) 

The primary global forum for the tire industry on sustainability issues, the Tire Industry Project comprises 11 leading companies representing approximately 65% of the world’s tire manufacturing capacity.  
Its mission is to identify and address the potential human health and environmental impacts of tires, to contribute to a more sustainable future. 

  • World Business Council on Sustainable Development (WBCSD)

The WBCSD is a global organization that groups together more than 200 companies from every business sector, with the ambition of accelerating the transition to a sustainable world. Florent Menegaux, C.EO. of the Michelin Group has been a member of the WBCSD Executive Committee since 2022. 
Since 1995, the WBCSD has been working with its member companies and along their value chains, to provide effective solutions to overcome the challenges of sustainability.  

Movin’On: more mobility, less impact

Created and inspired by Michelin in 2017, Movin’On is the world’s leading strategic anticipation and co-innovation ecosystem focused on sustainable mobility.

Today, it unites over 300 major public and private stakeholders: large corporations, cities, countries, international organizations, as well as startups, academics, and people from civil society, as well as a community of experts and professionals.

Since 2021, the governance of Movin’On has been shared between several major international groups.


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