The Group aims to become an industrial benchmark regarding Diversity & Inclusion

While the Group’s unity is its strength, the gender balance of its teams and their very different backgrounds are its wealth.
Jean-Claude Pats, Chief People Officer - Member of the Group Executive Committee

Why is gender balance so important to Michelin?

While the Group’s unity is its strength, the gender balance of its teams and their very different backgrounds are its wealth. Gender balance, and to a greater extent diversity, constitutes a strength from the moment this can be expressed, and actively contributes to developing the collective intelligence. At Michelin, “respect for people” is one of the Group’s fundamental values. We want to promote the inclusion of diversities and assess our performance in this field through an indicator, the Diversity and Inclusion Management Index (IMDI), for which one of the components relates to gender balance. In particular, we want to increase the management feminization rate: moving from the 29% we have today to 35% by 2030, in the knowledge that the Group’s feminization rate is currently close to 20%. We have also made professional equality another priority.

In concrete terms, what is Michelin doing to achieve its level of ambition?

Within the Group, we are carrying out strong actions in favor of gender balance and male-female equality, such as the fair representation of women in all the Company’s trades, and at all supervisory levels, raising the awareness of teams on the challenges of bias and gender balance by way of training, and equal pay between men and women in equivalent positions, with equivalent skill levels and seniority.

Furthermore, at our industrial sites, we are devoting part of our investment every year to improving workstation ergonomics, in order to make these more accessible to women, in particular. Above and beyond these actions, the Group also promotes the inclusion of all diversities, by establishing a culture that allows every person to express their real selves and their differences, as we believe that diversity is a source of creativity, innovation, performance and progress for the Group. 

Today is International Women’s Day; what message would you like to share on this occasion?

My message is simple. The more all kinds of diversity are true, the stronger the performance, the innovation, the motivation and the engagement are.

Women play a key role in enabling our Group to achieve its 2030 objectives. I therefore hope that the impact of women within the Group will be stronger, and that they will also be more represented in some areas, while being respected and feeling fulfilled in their job, everywhere in the Group.

On a more personal note, I would like to share the very positive effects of having more women in the Group's Executive Committee (with 4 women out of 11 members). It positively impacted our working atmosphere, our creativity, and our collective intelligence. Don’t underestimate the value of gender balance in the workplace!

2021 Key figures

~29% women in management and supervisory positions


~20% women in the Group


36,5% women in the Group’s Executive Committee (4 women out of the 11 members, including 2 Managing Partners)


44,4% women on the Supervisory Board, chaired by a woman

Encouraging a change in mindset

The Group launched the Bias and Stereotypes awareness raising project in the first quarter of 2021, in the aim of establishing a culture within the Company that promotes diversity. By the second half of 2021, approximately 2,000 people have therefore seen these modules. The deployment will continue in 2022.

Together, break the biais ! #BreakTheBias

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