Horizon 2020

Michelin has set six short-term sustainable development ambitions for 2020. These are concrete targets that are monitored and measured.
Person presenting a new car to three others

Continuously improve customer satisfaction

Our purpose is to “offer everyone a better way forward.” Customers are the center of our world, and we fulfill our purpose by:
participation innovation

Encourage the personal development of our employees

Michelin is a responsible employer that seeks to improve the working conditions of its employees across the globe.

Achieving robust financial performance

The Group creates value, and the free cash flow generated enables us to keep our debt ratio low. This robust performance is crucial for the future, in order to guarantee the Group’s independence and support its ambitious growth objectives.
Car with Michelin tires during an exhibition

Innovating to consolidate our leadership in products and services

Harnessing innovation to pack more performance into each of our offerings is not only the recipe for growth, it is what sets us apart from our competitors.
A Michelin employee checks the condition of a plant

Set the industry standard for responsible manufacturing

Measuring the impact of our industrial activity and slashing our environmental footprint is one of our 2020 ambitions.
A worker for the program looks at his crop

Contribute to the development of host communities

Michelin places great importance on its relationships with all stakeholders, in particular with the communities near its manufacturing facilities. This is why Michelin supports local business in all countries where it operates and encourages employees to get involved in the community.

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