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The MICHELIN Guide: Explore with passion


With its iconic red cover, the MICHELIN Guide has always been a guarantee of exceptional restaurants and hotels for epicureans.

Committed to offering high-quality hotel and restaurant recommendations, it provides exceptional experiences worldwide.

A reference for travelers since 1900

Established by the Michelin brothers in 1900, the MICHELIN Guide quickly made a name for itself among motorists looking for practical information to accompany them while on the road. In order to offer higher quality restaurant and hotel recommendations, in 1933 the famous ‘inspector’ profession was created. Anonymity, independence, expertise and curiosity are an integral part of the inspectors’ DNA.

Renowned for its methodology, the MICHELIN Guide has expanded worldwide, with more than 40 destinations.
Always seeking the exceptional, hotels are selected to guarantee unforgettable experiences. The MICHELIN Key now distinguishes establishments in which the MICHELIN Guide selection teams stay anonymously. The MICHELIN Guide spotlights eateries which place an onus on local gastronomy, awarded with a Bib Gourmand, one, two or three MICHELIN Stars, or a MICHELIN Green Star. We wish to recognize the work of talented professionals, who are as committed as they are enthusiastic, and who often remain hidden from view.

Inspectors Inspectors


Their independence and anonymity are often the subject of speculation. The MICHELIN Guide Inspectors come from the restaurant and hospitality industry and leverage their expertise to select the very best establishments worldwide. Boasting unstoppable curiosity and unique expertise, they travel the world searching for the extraordinary. 

Above all else they are passionate individuals, capable of grasping the immense diversity of the global culinary landscapes. Flavor explorers, they assess restaurants according to 5 universal criteria: the quality of ingredients, the mastery of culinary techniques, the harmony of flavors, the chef’s personality conveyed in dishes and consistency across different visits. 

They dress as regular customers, use an alias to book a table and order and pay their own bill, in order to ensure an objective experience. An inspector is, above all, a professional with over a decade’s worth of experience and expert knowledge about global gastronomy. World cuisine has no secrets for their well-honed palate. 

In a nutshell, inspectors are extremely curious, inveterate gourmets and gastronomy lovers. They are individuals who are driven by the same passion, who work to keep the Guide’s annual selections up to date. With their unique methodology, they ensure that an accolade has the same value in Tokyo, San Francisco and Paris.

A word from our inspectors

”We try to understand the lifestyle of inhabitants, in order to grasp their tastes and culinary traditions. This enables us to make good recommendations.

“A good dish should leave a lasting impression. When the chef adds a touch of uniqueness, the dish is enhanced. It is this kind of personal distinction that can turn a very good dish into a memorable one.”

“When dishes are presented, they should resound with diners, while leaving room for their imagination”.



Since its creation, the MICHELIN Guide has envisaged restaurants as destinations in their own right: special places where people go to share unforgettable experiences. We have decided to extend this specialized and passionate approach to hospitality, in order to offer travelers recommendations for exceptional hotels and extraordinary getaways worldwide.

Japanese Ryokans, Parisian palaces and Peruvian haciendas, the promise of something unique and exceptional is part of the MICHELIN Guide’s DNA, and extends to its hotel offering. This independent selection is the result of up-to-date know-how and consciously adopted bias, which places an onus on uniqueness and the character of hotels, as well as the level of comfort and service they offer.

Michelin’s expertise is expanding, to offer travelers a comprehensive experience. The Michelin Key is becoming one of the Guide’s major accolades, showcasing excellence in hospitality. After 4 years of preparatory work, more than 5,000 hotels can be booked via our digital tools, in some 120 countries. It is a chance for travel fans to share an unforgettable experience.

The selection sheds light on the boldest hotels, based on five criteria: the contribution to the local experience, architectural excellence and interior design, quality and regularity of service, singularity reflecting the personality of the establishment and consistency between the quality of the experience and the price paid.
The Guide’s experts are already searching for gems to offer you a memorable stay. 

From restaurant expertise to curating extraordinary hotels

Our selections on our innovative platforms

With the very best in terms of booking and support services, planning a stay, a getaway or extending a gastronomic evening with a night in a hotel has never been easier or more pleasant.

Available free of charge and worldwide, on the MICHELIN Guide website and mobile app, the hotel selection is continually updated by our experts. 



Inspired by the MICHELIN Group’s strong ambitions in terms of sustainability, the MICHELIN Guide is committed to promoting the gastronomy players of tomorrow. By keeping an eye on restaurant professionals and their sensitivity to current environmental challenges, the MICHELIN Guide hopes to shine a light on this commitment. 

Promoting professionals who implement innovative practices to combine gastronomy and sustainability is one of the Guide’s most important tasks. Chefs worldwide are pooling their talent, and are proposing new and more responsible ways of perceiving gastronomy.
They are addressing ecological issues and inspiring their peers and gourmets with more virtuous practices. 

In 2020, the MICHELIN Guide added the MICHELIN Green Star to its list of distinctions. The Green Star promotes committed restaurants who implement concrete steps to foster environmental awareness. The Guide is lending its expertise to identify these creative minds who care about sustainable cuisine.
The MICHELIN Green Star is presented to restaurants that distinguish themselves on account of their sustainable gastronomy. 

In 2024, with almost 400 restaurants awarded a Green Star worldwide, combining gastronomy and sustainable development has never been as delicious.

We must bring about an overhaul of our food system; making it healthier and more sustainable.

Massimo Bottura

Chef Osteria Francescana, Modena, 3 Stars in the MICHELIN Guide Italy 2024



The appealing MICHELIN Guide print version is now supplemented by a digital ecosystem, to enable gourmets and travelers worldwide to keep abreast of all the Guide’s latest news and to discuss live with over 5 million passionate foodies. 

Interviews, portraits, videos… the MICHELIN Guide provides many ways of sharing with chefs and professionals via its digital platforms and social media outlets. For professionals, this is a wonderful opportunity to gain international visibility, as well as a chance to encounter peers from overseas and to interact with them. 

Curious travelers or enlightened gourmets, we offer consumers handy digital tools to keep up-to-date with all the MICHELIN Guide’s news, and also to facilitate their own discovery experience. On our website and free mobile app, you’ll find all our hotel and restaurant selections available to book. For an absolutely unique and memorable gastronomic and/or accommodation experience in just a few clicks.  

The MICHELIN Guide continues to forge its own path and to grow alongside partners who share the same values of excellence, passion and authenticity. Destination promotion organizations, major players from the gastronomy and restaurant industry… all of these partners work by our side to promote and showcase the most talented professionals from the international culinary landscape, without compromising on our unique methodology and independence.