For a safe and personalized
augmented driving experience

VISION benefits from the best connectivity technologies available, laying the foundation for a new era in service, comfort and safety for motorists.

Customized rubber compounds and tread patterns

VISION is equipped with various sensors that provide real-time feedback on its condition and use. Using the Michelin mobile app, motorists will be able to change tread features according to their needs.

In the shorter term, individual and business customers are already benefiting from many other services that lower their environmental impact.

Toward a comprehensive offering

Drawing on the Group’s digital transformation and the development of connected mobility, Michelin intends to propose a comprehensive offering that goes beyond the tire business and which integrates many digital services. Intelligent solutions that create value for everyone, individuals and professionals alike, in a wide range of areas such as predictive maintenance, intelligent safety or mobility data. Today, Michelin has already connected more than 10 million objects, a figure that is constantly increasing.

Some of the connected technologies and services developed by Michelin

The connected tire expertise being developed by Michelin provides a better understanding of consumer practices and needs and facilitates the development of tailored solutions. A number of innovations in the area of connected services already exist and will contribute to the VISION concept in the coming years.

MICHELIN Track Connect

This connected tire solution is designed especially for car enthusiasts who participate in track days.
It provides information and advice on tire pressure and temperature, before, during and after each session. In addition to boosting confidence, performance and driving pleasure for users, it also extends the life span of their tires by ensuring they are used in their optimal operating range.


A vehicle fleet monitoring program that facilitates tire maintenance thanks to digital diagnostics.

Better Driving Community

The aim of this initiative is to create a community of drivers committed to making roads safer by sharing their driving data.
The Better Driving Community app provides personalized advice to help motorists improve their driving practices.
The data collected through the participation of community members is fed into analyses to facilitate the decision-making process for mobility stakeholders.


Artificial Intelligence: A Strategic Priority for Michelin

Artificial intelligence (AI) is in full expansion right now. This field lies at the crossroads of various disciplines and seeks to enhance both business performance and workplace quality of life. We can define AI as a science that lets machines perform an action faster and often better than people can....

Today, a leader in tires, tomorrow, a leader in connected mobility

Becoming a leader in connected mobility is one of the Michelin Group’s major challenges. An ambition that is in line with its strategy of providing mobility that is safer, more efficient, more environmentally friendly and accessible to as many people as possible. Let’s find out more.

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