“Our goal is to support the evolution of mobility while limiting its negative effects on society and the environment. That means building an innovation-centric strategy so we can tackle the inherent challenges of more sustainable mobility. We aim for an agile, open approach to innovation with the goal of fostering technological transfers and skill sharing.”
Eric-Philippe Vinesse, Executive Vice President, Research and Development, Member of the Group Executive Committee

How we innovate

Michelin's teams are constantly working to develop the products, offers and services of the future for safer, more accessible, cleaner and more connected mobility that consumes less energy and fewer resources.


To achieve that goal, Michelin is always seeking to diversify its sources of innovation at all levels.


The Group's main sources of innovation are:


  • The Research & Development process
  • External partnerships developed with university research centers, innovative companies, and our suppliers
  • Co-design with our customers
  • Industrial innovation
  • The progress and innovation program, which aims to encourage and collect up to 100,000 ideas per year from the Group's employees
  • The Michelin Innovation Lab, to create value by exploring new business in three of our strategic areas: High-Tech Materials, Services & Solutions, and Experience. 

Leadership recognized by customers and manufacturers

  • 97 of 119 J.D. Power Awards « Original Equipment Tire Customer Satisfaction » obtained by Michelin since 1989, launch of the study
  • MICHELIN e.primacy voted tyre of the year at the Automobile Awards 2020
  • UPTIS : Tire Tech Innovation Award 2020
  • Award for the project “Connecting Tires to their Ecosystem through RFID” at Journey To Automation Awards 2020
  • Tyre Manufacturer of the year, for the second year in a row, at the Tire tech exhibition in Hanover, February 2020
  • Golden Steering Wheel Award 2019 for the « Best innovation 2019 » for Uptis, November 2019
  • April 2018, winner of the European Inventor Award for REGENION technology (Heavyweight)
  • June 2018, Michelin receives the German Innovation Award for its 'Long Lasting Performance' strategy
  • VISION Concept Michelin: Best of the Best - 2018 Reddot Award

Michelin receives the 2018 European Inventor Award

On June 7, 2018, in Saint Germain en Laye (France), Michelin engineers Agnès Poulbot and Jacques Barraud (today deceased) won the annual European Inventor Award in the Industry category for their invention of a new heavy-truck tire tread: REGENION. This self-regenerating tread evolves as the tire is used.


When new, it is closed and rigid to reduce fuel consumption and boost longevity. As it is used, hidden grooves emerge to maintain the same grip performance throughout its lifetime. This innovation was made possible by our expertise in 3D metal printing, which is used to create a geometric design.


This new technology, which has been used in several truck-tire ranges since 2013, offers significant benefits. Thanks to REGENION, Michelin has achieved an A grading for rolling resistance on all of its truck tires (front, rear and trailer). In 2016, the Group launched the first triple-A convoy, which offers savings of 1L/100km, for the most energy-efficient tires in Europe.

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