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Michelin equips everything on wheels

As technological leader in tires for private and professional customers, Michelin innovates alongside carmakers to offer products with ever more long-lasting performance in all its markets.

Tires that meet every mobility needs

Since the invention of the first removable tire for the bicycle in 1892, Michelin has always been a pioneer in this field. We owe to it the creation of the radial tire in 1946, which transformed the market with its benefits in terms of durability and fuel savings. Or, among its numerous inventions, the design of the first aircraft tire, the largest tire in the world, which equips mining excavation trucks, and an agricultural tire that limits soil compaction. 
Whatever the needs and activity sector of its clients, the Group innovates to make travel safer, more enjoyable, and more responsible for all types of mobility: electric and combustion engine cars, town and mountain bikes, aircraft, motorcycles, fire trucks, ambulances, school buses, public transport, etc. For a better life in motion! 

“Motion for life”, Michelin’s global campaign

Tire matching the requirements of private individuals

Michelin offers its private customers product ranges that provide high performance over the long term and that are ever better suited to their expectations and conditions of use. 


Michelin offers a large range of tires for private cars, leisure vehicles, SUVs, 4x4s, electric and hybrid vehicles. For example, with the MICHELIN CrossClimate2 four-season tire that performs in all weathers, or even the MICHELIN Pilot Sport EV tire​​ to accompany the development of electric mobility.

Classic cars

Youngtimers from the 1970s and 1980s, classic cars, historic racing cars... MICHELIN tires fit almost all vehicles marketed between the 1920s and the 1980s. The entire range benefits from the brand’s most recent progress in terms of materials and technology, such as MICHELIN Evergrip. 


Motorsport is a veritable innovations lab for Michelin. On car and motorcycle circuits, rally and rally raid, hill climbs, and motocross, the Group accompanies its customers throughout the world with products, services, and solutions that are ever more innovative and high performing. Drawing on the the experience acquired in Formula E, Michelin has designed the first mass production tire dedicated to electric vehicles, the MICHELIN Pilot Sport EV. 


Road, town, and country bikes, enduro or mountain biking... The ranges designed by Michelin allow for tackling any situation so that anyone, whether an amateur or an experienced cyclist, can find the tire best suited to their use. 


Motorbike, scooter... Michelin tests, innovates, and develops new tire solutions under sometimes extreme conditions while pursuing a single objective: satisfy a demanding and knowledgeable motorcycling public. From the radial solution of the 1980s to the latest technologies from MotoGPTM, Michelin considers the motorcycle with innovation and passion. 

Tire matching professional requirements

Transport of goods, agriculture, civil engineering, aviation… No matter the sector of activity, Michelin accompanies its professional clients on every terrain with high-performance tire ranges. 

Transport of people

Michelin tires combine reliability and safety for urban passenger transport by bus, long distance or regional transport, minibuses, and utility vehicles.  

Transport of goods

Michelin develops tire ranges for the transport of goods by truck, light truck, and van, guaranteeing optimum safety on roads and motorways.  


The leader in aircraft tires, Michelin is fitted to approximately one third of the world’s commercial aircraft. 


Michelin tires for farm equipment allow for preventing soil from compacting, thus offering better yields, increased productivity, and fuel savings. This is the case, for example, for the MICHELIN AxioBib 2 for heavy work and tractors up to 550 HP. 

Construction and industry

Michelin offers tires suited to all types of worksites, capable of resisting handling stresses while meeting high safety and productivity requirements.  

Mines and quarries

The Michelin earthmover range is intended for all types of mining and quarry vehicles, with the aim of improving productivity and operator safety.


Michelin designs specific tires for light and utility vehicles, while accompanying car fleet managers in their transition to sustainable mobility.

Artisans and traders

Whether to make deliveries or get to a job site, both summer and winter, Michelin develops tires for utility vehicles.

Emergency and military

Off road, the MICHELIN X FORCE range allows military and emergency vehicles to respond to accident sites in complete safety.

Subway and trams

Michelin’s subway and tram tires are designed and developed specifically to eliminate vibration, improve road holding and steering, maximize safety, reduce noise, and even reduce operating costs.

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