Annual report

Motion for life

Offering everyone a better way forward is our purpose.

To achieve it, we are passionately innovating, while constantly seeking the right balance between personal fulfillment, protection of the planet, and business and financial performance.

Our shared dream is to be recognized as a leader in innovations that have helped humanity to conquer new frontiers.

« We’re going to take the Michelin Group to the next level by capitalizing on all our sustainable innovation capabilities and staking out positions in new future-facing markets.»

Florent Menegaux
Chief Executive Officer, Michelin Group

Michelin at a glance

As a world leader in sustainable mobility solutions, Michelin improves transportation performance with high-tech tires and state-of-the-art services, while its guides, itinerary planners and recommendations make travel easier and more fulfilling. In addition to mobility, the Group is leveraging its exceptional high-tech materials expertise in such future-facing markets as sustainable flexible composites, medical applications, metal 3D printing, and zero-emission hydrogen fuel-cell systems.

23,795   M€ SALES

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