High-performance tires to the last kilometer

The biggest technical challenge for our engineers is designing tires that offer excellent safety and performance, no matter how far they have been driven and regardless of road conditions.


At Michelin, we work on all the components that go into your tires, from materials to tread design to the tread contact area to bring you the best possible performance, up to the legal wear limit of 1.6 mm for passenger vehicles.

  • Key figures

    200 million of tires are produced each year by Michelin

Our innovation-centric strategy

To keep you safe and guarantee outstanding performance, we dedicate much of our R&D to developing new technologies for long-lasting safety and environmental protection.


That’s also why we advocate testing used tires at the legal wear limit, just as new tires are tested.

Today, eco-design...

The new MICHELIN Primacy 4 tire for passenger cars offers proof with its exceptional braking performances, even past the legal wear limit, and its longevity: an average of 18,000 more kilometers than its direct competitors.


The MICHELIN X® FORCE™ ZL tires for military and civilian light vehicles, MICHELIN® X®TRA LOAD tires for mining trucks, and MICHELIN ROADBIB tires for tractors, all launched in 2017, offer outstanding robustness and longevity.


Another major innovation in 2017 was the MICHELIN Acorus technology, presented in partnership with Maxion Wheels. This technology is used to produce light, flexible tire-wheel ensembles that are highly shock-resistant.

...tomorrow, the Vision concept tire

The Vision concept, unveiled in 2017, illustrates our vision for the autonomous, connected mobility of the future with its combination of technologies and services:

  • A light, super-resistant airless tire.
  • A tread that can be recharged as needed with a 3D printer, whether it is worn or needs to be modified based on road conditions.
  • A connected tire that informs drivers of any problems, made of recycled or biosourced materials, with a 100 percent biodegradable tread.


The Vision concept's innovations are protected by 19 patents.

A customer-centric approach

We are constantly interacting with our customers so we can better tailor our offers to meet their needs and keep them satisfied. That's why we set up the Road Usage Lab, which collects real-time data on driver behavior in Europe using 3,000 specially equipped vehicles.


It's also why we survey our customers through the Consumer Intimacy Program.


That usage data has become key to designing our new tires. Our ability to innovate and our better understanding of how tires are used helps us market products that better meet drivers' expectations.


Examples include:

  • MICHELIN Pilot Sport 4S, the tire approved by Supercar manufacturers.
  • MICHELIN CrossClimate+, which is just as safe in summer as in winter.
  • MICHELIN X Line Energy, which helps reduce operating costs for trucks.
  • MICHELIN X Guard for trucks, with an extra-robust design for the Chinese and Indian markets.
  • MICHELIN XDR 3 for the mining industry.

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