Team based innovation

InnovaGO, InnovUP, Bibspace… a full range of tools and programs are underway to drive new innovation dynamics and encourage people to express their ideas. They play a vital role not only in deploying these initiatives but also in strengthening the culture of innovation.  


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Under the InnovaGO program, anyone can put forward their idea, spontaneously and at any time. The aim is to increase the number of Progress and Innovation ideas from 58,000 in 2013 to 100,000 in 2020. Some 66,000 employees have access to the program to submit their innovative ideas on products, services, working conditions, diversity, cost-savings, the environment, quality and safety. 

31,163 progress ideas were implemented in 2015, generating an aggregate gain of €15 million


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Innov'Up collaborative innovation challenges encourage Michelin employees to develop creative ideas for new products and services. The management of a business entity initiates a challenge on a specific issue and anyone in the company, in any profession or country, can submit an idea.

An example of Innov’Up in action: the MICHELIN mini-atlas for cyclists

Aquitaine Guide and Bourgogne Guide

The MICHELIN mini-atlas, which was unveiled to the media in May, owes its "pocket-size" format to an idea generated by a creative-thinking challenge. Michelin teams from a variety of backgrounds (designers, enthusiasts and experts from the bicycle segment) and people from outside the company worked together to come up with ideas for new, simplified formats that would be  useful for touring cyclists.


Bibspace: the Michelin social network

Michelin's in-house social network now has 31,000 members and 500 communities. Launched in mid-2013, BibSpace provides a quick and easy way for employees to:

  • discuss and work collaboratively
  • share best practices
  • solve problems
  • grow ideas

This new way of working, because it is ideally suited to cross-functional organizations, is a valuable aid for the Group's global ramp-up.

Michelin incubators

Incubators: logo

Michelin incubators host structures similar to start-ups, which provide a means of rapidly developing and testing novel business opportunities in the mobility segment, other than tires. The ideas developed and tested can come from the in-house creativity of Michelin teams through calls for ideas (which help spot real intrapreneurs) or outside sources.

MICHELIN Tweel Skidsteer

An example in action: MICHELIN Tweel Skidsteer, an airless mobility solution for compact loaders driving mainly on loose ground and/or very damaging surfaces. The highly innovative tire and wheel assembly eliminates downtime, requires no maintenance and performs better.

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