MOVIN'ON (Michelin Challenge Bibendum)

In 20 years and 12 editions, Michelin Challenge Bibendum has become the leading international event in sustainable mobility and hailed as such by the transport sector.

Michelin Challenge Bibendum devient Movin’On

This global summit, first held in 1998, is now sustainable mobility's flagship gathering. Public and private stakeholders alike gather there to compare technical solutions and discuss policy options with the common goal of building tomorrow's mobility. It will be clean, safe, connected, efficient and inclusive, but, to be genuinely sustainable, this mobility will also have to be a channel for economic growth and social progress.

In 2017, some important changes are being made to Michelin Challenge Bibendum:

  • more collaborative and participative activities;
  • a more open approach to the full range of mobility ecosystems;
  • a focus on concrete initiatives;
  • a showcase for work by the Michelin Challenge Bibendum Open Lab;
  • ... and a new name: MOVIN'ON

MOVIN'ON will be the 13th edition of the global sustainable mobility summit. It will be held on June 13, 14 and 15, 2017 in Montreal. This major Canadian city is a pioneer in sustainable urban mobility and will be the event's host city and partner.

The event will draw nearly 3,000 attendees to Montreal, including civil society stakeholders such as NGOs, PMEs and start-ups, along with members of the political, industrial, scientific, academic, business and media communities. Together they will represent the full breadth of the mobility and multimodal transport ecosystem, public and private combined.

The three-day event will feature forums, roundtables, private sessions, over 30 international speakers, over 40 workshops and masterclasses, and track demonstrations of innovative vehicles and sustainable technologies to boost the creative process.

Discussions on the challenges of mobility and economically viable solutions will provide an opportunity for everyone to learn from other stakeholders' positions The solutions will be technical, naturally, but also regulatory, political and financial in the effort to promote environmentally-friendly mobility for both people and goods.


Sustainable development milestones

  • 1998: at the first Michelin Challenge Bibendum (held in France), Nissan presented a prototype equipped with a lithium battery. Today, cars everywhere are driving with these batteries. 
  • 2007: in Shanghai, Renault unveiled a Logan that emitted 72g of CO2/km in normal driving conditions. The race for low emissions was on.
  • 2010: in Rio, it was proved that vehicles could aim for 50g of CO2/km.
  • 2011: the Berlin edition confirmed that fuel cells had a huge market ahead of them.
  • 2014 : in Chengdu, the BMW i3 was the first batterie-powered electric car (apart from the Tesla) to have been designed from scratch, not on the basis of a petrol-powered car. However the main novelty to come out of this edition was the E Class Mercedes and its connectivity and driving assistance technologies, which prefigured the driverless car: white-line tracking, automatic driving in traffic jams, etc.
  • 2014 : Michelin Challenge Bibendum took its first major turning point. It became a think and action tank aimed at enhancing qualify of life in the world through improved mobility. Ongoing international cooperation was set up through an Open Lab. Communities and experts developed and shared potential change scenarios. Their year-round work led to the publication of a Green Paper in Chengdu in November.

The Michelin Challenge Bibendum Open Lab includes a free Plateforme communautaire and a premium Knowledge Center to help economic stakeholders identify new opportunities.


The Race for Lower Emissions

It's time we came together, got inspired, exchanged, and opened up to other domains, other people and other ways of seeing the world. Now is the time to live out a creative experience and an immersive event in partnership with Montreal, a city overflowing with inspirational ideas.
Now is the time to together reinvent mobility. Now is the time for Movin'on.

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Themes of the 2017 edition

  • The changes under way in passenger and goods transport
  • The quest for energy efficiency and safety
  • Making the most of digital technology and artificial intelligence
  • Suitable financial and regulatory tools
  • The circular economy
  • Long shots

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