The best tests can make all the difference

MICHELIN Engineering & Services provides constructors and their suppliers with the right testing equipment and vehicle and tire measurements, as well as the expertise of their engineers, in order to support and accompany the R&D projects of tomorrow’s automobiles.

Tests, measurement and test tracks

MICHELIN Engineering Services

MICHELIN Engineering & Services offers the car and truck sector an opportunity to use its test and measurement facilities, test tracks and the expertise of its engineers and testers to support and develop their R&D projects.

Whatever the vehicle type and project scale, the best available expertise in terms of grip and handling, on all types of track, in all situations and in full confidentiality, is on offer. The experience and expertise of MICHELIN Engineering & Services enables teams to offer grip level measuring on test tracks.

Professional training

MICHELIN Engineering & Services also offers a customized training program drawn up by our engineers and test drivers, suitable not only for professional drivers, but also for frequent road users, including callout teams, sales representatives, fleet managers, etc.

Other available services

MICHELIN Engineering & Services also offers dedicated infrastructures and services for events and circuit driving experiences, aimed at all companies from any field of business.

With MICHELIN Engineering & Services, your projects will benefit from the expertise and experience of the world's leading mobility operator.

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Almeria, 24/7 year round