More accessible Mobility
Contributing to human and economic development

Michelin has never stopped innovating for its customers by offering them increasingly efficient products, services, and solutions for a unique experience of Michelin mobility. 

Our services and solutions for professionals

Service is an integral part of the Group’s DNA. We are leveraging the digital revolution as it opens up fresh opportunities to develop new solutions and services that will boost sustainable mobility.

The Effitire, Effifuel, Effitrailer and MICHELIN TIRE CARE offers for truck tires provides our business customers the tools to optimize their tire management and boost safety, productivity, cost savings and, most importantly, to protect the environment.

MICHELIN Services and Solutions also markets offers – with Sascar in Brazil, NexTraq in North America and Masternaut in Europe – that combine onboard telematics, electronics and cloud computing to collect real-time vehicle data and analyze vehicle or driver performances. Michelin's PTG and Téléflow tire-pressure monitoring systems help farmers maximize their farm yields and profit margins. These solutions ease mobility, boost productivity and, most importantly, reduce fuel consumption.


In 2014, Sascar, a leader in fleet management and freight security, joined the Group, enabling it to consolidate its service offering for carriers on the Brazilian market.
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The acquisition in 2017 of NexTraq, an American supplier of telematics solutions for commercial fleets, which improve driver safety, fuel management and fleet productivity, expanded our range of fleet management and fleet services in the United States.
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The French company Téléflow designs, manufactures and sells tire-pressure monitoring systems. This 2017 acquisition has equipped Michelin to offer increasingly comprehensive solutions that help farmers optimize their machines' performances while protecting their soil.
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Through its 2019 acquisition of Masternaut, which operates mainly in France and the United Kingdom, Michelin acquired a cutting-edge technical platform that offers onboard telematics solutions to optimize vehicle fleet management and monitoring.
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Michelin, a pioneer in the economy of use


Michelin has long been selling kilometers, landings and tons carried rather than tires. These solutions all rely on embedded pressure-monitoring systems that are used to optimize preventive maintenance and minimize vehicle down-time. The advantage of this business model is that customers pay only for what they use, which makes mobility more accessible and more efficient.

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