Ethics and compliance
Meeting ambitious standards

True to its values of respect, Michelin applies demanding and rigorous ethical principles and takes action in accordance with fundamental values in all the countries where it operates.

Code of ethics

« All-Sustainable», necessarily implies « All-ethical ». Our Code of Ethics outlines the Group policy on business ethics and personal conduct. It completes and reinforces the existing Group directives and policies.

Michelin is engaged in an ongoing process of action and change to meet the many challenges posed by our environment, our customers and our markets. Against this backdrop, our collective commitment is a major asset.

In fulfilling this commitment, we must act ethically everywhere and all the time: this ensures that we work for the strength and sustainability of the Group and its reputation. Being "All-Sustainable" also means being « All-ethical ».

Guide to ethical behavior

Michelin publishes an online guide to ethical behavior setting out its fundamental values, rules and principles. They are intended to inspire, guide and motivate each of its employees to behave ethically on a day-to-day basis to facilitate trust-based collaboration.

Michelin Anti-Corruption Code of Practice

Michelin does not tolerate any form of corruption. Our Purchasing Principles embodies our policy: Michelin refuses any form of corruption, whether it involves its employees, its intermediaries or its agents.

Respect for the Group's values necessarily means constantly acting with personal integrity. Only by doing so and constantly looking for the same attitude in our colleagues will we be able to build trusting relationships both within and outside the Group. Corruption destroys all trust and, without trust, our values cannot be upheld.


Group Whistleblowing Procedure

The Group has created a new document, the Group Whistleblowing Procedure which is available to all employees and all external partners. It provides a transparent, detailed description of how Michelin collects and processes alerts, and of the people involved. This Procedure will be adapted and supplemented by country appendices defining local specificities. The deployment will be carried out gradually according to the requirements of local laws and, where appropriate, after consultation with employee representative bodies.
With the publication of this new document, the Group is reaffirming its commitment to strengthen its ethical standards and to ensure ethical conduct across all of its operations. It is therefore critical that everyone be able to express their views, know the different ways we can make an alert and report potential violations of the Michelin Code of Ethics.

Zero tolerance for Harassment


From its very beginnings back in 1889, the Michelin Group has been built on a profoundly humanistic vision, “For people, by people", in which everyone should have the chance to achieve their potential. This approach is central to the Group’s Purpose and values of respect.

With that in mind, the Michelin Group is committed to maintaining a friendly, safe and secure environment, aligned with its values, where all employees can build their careers and fully leverage their skills without restraint or fear.

Harassment, whether in the workplace or in any way related to Michelin's business, is not tolerated in the Group and is punished.

Ethics hotline


Please report any breach of the Group's ethics. Our ethics hotline is available all over the world. Any report will be followed up (ethics hotline: 008 007 233 2255).



controle qualité

Right from the beginning, Michelin has nurtured a strong culture of responsibility for its customers' safety. This implies an uncompromising demand for safety and quality in all of our products and services.

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