All-Sustainable approach

The "All-Sustainable" approach is embedded in the Group's strategy based on a balanced development between People, Profit & the Planet. Michelin is innovating and committing itself more than ever to a life in motion.

For people

The Michelin Group was built "For and through people", which enables each person to become what he or she is.

For the planet

Because Michelin is aware of the need to preserve natural resources and earth systems to conduct its business sustainably, we take into account the environmental impacts of our operations and products, starting from the design phase including the full life cycle.

Working towards sustainable mobility

Sustainable mobility is at the core of Michelin’s strategy and partnerships.

  • Key figures

    N°1 The world leader in energy efficient radial tires

  • Key figures

    Promote responsible logistics and reduce our CO2 emissions by 10%.

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