Governance and responsibility

The Group’s sustainable development strategy continues its legacy of commitment. It mobilizes our collective energy and intelligence, shaping our organization and inspiring our focus on listening to stakeholders.

Performance and transparency

Michelin has identified the most relevant indicators and the most widely recognized international ratings agencies based on its activities.

Sustainable mobility

The Group’s commitment to sustainable mobility: more accessible, safer, greener and more efficient.


Protecting the environment is integral to our commitments and our actions, including product and service design and production across all our industrial sites.

Our ethical commitment

Michelin sets demanding employer objectives, in line with its Personnel Department policy.


  • January 17 2020

Michelin: a new member of the Hydrogen Council Steering Committee

  • January 15 2020

Great news for biodiversity!

  • December 19 2019

Analyzing tire life cycles to help protect biodiversity

  • December 12 2019

Michelin, taking action for the planet

  • December 10 2019

Awards for Uptis, the puncture-proof tire developed by Michelin

  • Key figures

    N°1 The world leader in energy efficient radial tires

  • Key figures

    Promote responsible logistics and reduce our CO2 emissions by +10%.

Events to come

  • Formula-E – Santiago
    Sat, 18 Jan. 2020
  • HyVolution Show
    Tue, 04 Feb. 2020
  • Formula-E – Mexico
    Sat, 15 Feb. 2020

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